How to Sell On eBay?

cungkring.com: Whether you are a big business person or an average person looking to sell unused items around the house, eBay is a great way to attract buyers from all over the world to your home.By the way, it's surprisingly easy to get started selling on eBay, and with 181 million potential buyers accessing it, you might be able to sell your item as soon as you place your ad.

Get acquainted with eBay

>. Explore eBay. 

To find it, use your favorite search engine and type eBay.eBay customizes its site for users in different countries around the world, so make sure you check out your country-specific eBay page. For users in Indonesia, for example, the eBay page is http://www.id.ebay.com, and for users in the United States, the eBay page is http://www.ebay.com.

  • Check out the eBay seller information page.This page has a lot of information about the rules for selling on eBay.
  • Try the eBay search engine, and take a look at some of the advertisements there.Knowledge of how the eBay search engine works will help you create better ads.
  • Try changing the search results by changing the options on the "sort" menu.
  • Pay attention to the ads that are at the top of the search results, and those that receive a lot of bids.

>. Choose a good account name. 

eBay can choose an account name for you, but in order to sell, it's best to use a name that attracts buyers. Avoid names that are offensive or "tarnish" the product you are selling.

  • Your name must be at least two characters long. You also cannot use spaces or symbols, except @, ', <,>, and &.your name will be displayed in lowercase.
  • eBay does not allow web addresses and email addresses as usernames, nor does it allow names that contain the word "ebay".this rule avoids abuse by users who want to identify themselves as eBay employees, or redirect users to other sites whose reputation is being trusted via eBay.
  • Don't use copyrighted brands or names unless you own the copyright.
  • A name like "junk sales" or "salesperson69" looks unprofessional and may even offend buyers.Hateful or pornographic names may be blocked by eBay.
  • Since there are already many people selling on eBay, check whether the name you want is available, and prepare an alternative name if the name you want is already in use.
  • You can change your username later.however, you can only do it once every 30 days, and if you do it too often, you can lose customers.

>. Create an eBay account. 

Go to the eBay main page and look for the "Sign In" link at the top of the page. You will be asked to enter your name, valid email address and password.You will be asked to choose a username after this step.

  • eBay will send you an email at the address you entered. Follow the instructions on the email to confirm your account.
  • If you have a company, you can also create an account for a business. On the registration page, click on the top of the page that says "Start a business account".You will be asked to enter your company name and some additional contact information.

>. Set the payment information. 

eBay offers a variety of payment options for both sellers and buyers, but by far, the most popular is PayPal.follow the link on eBay to open a PayPal account, or go to http: ///www.paypal.com.

  • One good strategy is to start accepting payments with PayPal, then accept other payment options once you understand the selling process on eBay, or if the buyer asks for a different payment method.
  • You will need to enter your bank account information, so have that information ready before starting.
  • eBay also accepts ProPay, Skrill, debit / credit cards through online merchant accounts, payments when items are picked up, and payments that are billed later.
  • You may want to find out about other payment options available and choose the one that suits you best.Click on the accepted payment rules page on eBay to find out what options are available.

>. Build your reputation by buying a few small items. 

One of the important ways eBay maintains user trust is by encouraging sellers and buyers to leave feedback for each other.Buyers see feedback about sellers, and buying multiple items is the fastest way to add a positive reputation to your profile.

  • Try buying a few small items you want or need, and pay for them right away for good feedback as a buyer. Don't think about buying items that can be resold just yet.in essence, you do this to build an image of yourself as a trusted member of the eBay community.
  • A potential buyer who sees a new seller without a feedback record may suspect you of being a fraud and will hesitate to buy your item.

> .Create your profile page. 

It doesn't need to be a fancy profile page if you only intend to sell on a small scale, but adding a picture and some information about you will make buyers believe that you are a seller, not a scammer.

  • If you are selling something that is a little expensive, it is very important to add information about yourself, especially if you are a new seller.
  • Potential buyers will read your profile and find out about you.therefore, your profile is a great place to show your credibility, for example if you are a collector, a seller, a user who understands what he is selling, and so on.

Choose the items to sell

>. Sell what you "understand." 

eBay started out as a marketplace for hobbyists and collectors alike, and to this day remains a great place to showcase your collection. If you are good at finding cheap or rare items in a particular category, you may want to consider becoming a specialist salesperson for items in that category you "understand."

>. Find out what items are prohibited from selling on eBay. 

Of course, illegal goods such as human body parts, live animals and "haram" services are not permitted. Some other items may be limited in sale, such as adult items.read the eBay page for items that are not allowed to be sold and which are restricted in sale to prevent the freezing, or termination of, your account.

>. Minimize the risk by selling only the things you already own, or by starting small. 

Putting up a lot of sales inventory before actually selling a few items is risky.try selling a few small items to gain experience on what items are selling well and what logistics are required when selling.

  • You can start by selling used items in your home that are not being used, or by selecting items that you can return or use if they don't sell.
  • Experiment before you sell a lot on eBay.if you don't, you may lose because you can't sell at a price enough to make a profit, or have a stockpile of unsold items.
  • If you already have something to sell from your collection or business, you're ready to sell! Selling a few small items will help you decide your selling strategy on eBay.

>. Think about how you will get your merchandise stock. 

Often times, what you sell is influenced by what you can find. Finding items that are selling well on eBay may take a while or a lot of effort. Therefore, finding a place / person who can stock your selling items is very important.

  • eBay itself is a good place to find bargains.Many people look for items that are undervalued, poorly displayed, or mislabeled.
  • If you like to hunt for used goods or frequently hunt for junk, this is a great starting point for finding stock to sell.however, keep in mind that often used and junk can't be returned, so you may have an item that doesn't sell.
  • Discount stores, wholesalers, and warehouses are good places to find bargains, and they usually allow returns. You can take advantage of their return rules if your item doesn't sell well.

>. Think about how long it will take to create an ad for each item. 

Remember that you need to take a photo, write a description, and think about how to send the item if it sells.This can take a long time, so it's best to sell several of the same items, and items that are easy to describe and photograph.

  • Try to find items that sell in bulk, or items with similar characteristics. That way, you can create your own ad templates, or even create a single ad for a variety of items.
  • Look for items that are easy to describe or photograph.Popular items usually don't need a lot of description because people already know about them simply by looking at them.
  • Look for items that are easy to ship in the same way, so you can pack quickly and get wholesale prices for shipping-related items (wrapping etc.).

>. Think about shipping and storage methods

Bulky and heavy items are difficult to sell at a great profit because shipping is expensive and storage takes up too much space.

  • Buyers usually look at the net price of an item, including shipping costs, so shipping costs should also be calculated in determining the fair price of an item.
  • Also think about where to store items.Being a home seller may reduce the extra expenses, but you may run into trouble if you have too many items in stock at home. Do you have a warehouse for your merchandise, and have space to wrap, package, and store the items you have purchased?

>. Think about how long it will take to sell an item, and how long it will take you to wait for it to sell. 

Remember that trends can pass quickly, and your stock items can suddenly not sell. For some items, you may have to wait for collectors or buyers who are interested in the item.

>. Be aware of trends in goods. 

Of course, the more popular an item is, the more people will be looking for it. Knowing what trends in goods are is a talent, and often a successful salesperson is a salesperson who has a knack for guessing what items will sell.however, eBay has several ways to find out what items are currently popular.

  • Check out eBay's popular items page. The items listed on this list are generally branded clothing, electronics, gold jewelery, accessories and football shirts.
  • Look at the auction that's over.this can help you see how much of an item was sold, when it was sold, and at what price it was sold.If you have the eBay app for cell phones, viewing this past auction is very useful to determine if you are going to buy something at a discount store for resale.
  • Type your search into the eBay search box, then check the "Sold listings", and / or "Completed listings" option in the "show only" section on the left of the page.
  • On the mobile application.enter your search keyword, and tap / press "refine". Select "Completed listings", and / or "Sold items only" in the "Search Refinement Options" section.
  • You can also use specialized vendor research tools like Terapeak and Vendio, but these tools usually come at a cost.popsike.com is a free seller research tool for music sales only.
  • Keep in mind that when an item is popular, many sellers will sell the same item.It will be difficult to sell items in a category that is already filled with other sellers, because your ad will very easily be covered by other ads in the same category or in search results, and the price of this popular item is already so cheap that for small sellers, it is difficult to profit from the sale of these items.

Create ads that sell

>. Find out about your target market. 

Use the eBay search engine to find items of the same type you are selling and read the auction description.focus on auctions that are selling for a good price, or auctions that attract a lot of bids.

  • Write down any information or photos that help you as a potential buyer - the same information will certainly help your prospective buyer later.
  • Think about what makes you trust a salesperson, and how you can convey the same impression to your prospective buyer.

>. Login to your eBay account, and click sell, either through myeBay or the top of the main Ebay page.

>. Enter a title for your ad. 

Providing a title is the main step in getting your ad read by many people. A good title will let potential buyers know that your ad is worth seeing.besides, a good title can grab the attention of people looking for your item.

  • Enter words that are relevant to your item and spell them correctly.incomplete information in the title will reduce the number of potential buyers / bidders; therefore, an item advertised with an incomplete title will not sell or sell at a price significantly lower than the market price.
  • Only use words related to your item. Don't use crap words like "cool," "perfect," etc.The number of characters available for your title is limited, so use that quota for keywords that people are looking for. (Nobody searches for items titled "GOOD" or "STILL NEW" on eBay).
  • Use an alternate name or spelling if you have characters left for the title. For example, if you are selling an iPod, also include "MP3 player" in your title.however, the eBay search engine will also take into account alternative spellings, and it will sometimes search by category name other than the ad title. Do a search for a specific item and see the title of the search results.

>. Take good stuff photos. 

Photos that reflect the condition of the goods well can attract buyers, on the other hand, bad photos can cancel the buyer's intention to bid on your goods.buy an inexpensive digital camera or cell phone with cameras if you don't already have one, as you are required to upload at least one photo for your ad, and uploading more than one photo will increase buyer's trust.

  • Use good lighting.if possible, turn off the flash on your camera and use natural light; Take photos of items outdoors or near windows.
  • Rotate or crop photos if needed. Use your computer's image processor or eBay image processor to improve image quality.
  • Take photos of the number of times the buyer needs, and make some backups.Take photos of your item from any angle potential buyers may need.
  • Take photos of defective, damaged, and so on. Potential buyers will have more confidence in sellers who display defective items, so of course taking a picture of the defective part is very useful (unless you're selling cheap goods).some types of items only require one photo, so think carefully about the number of photos to be created.
  • Do not use a dirty background, and remove unnecessary objects around the items. A white background can be used as a neutral background for small items.
  • Never use photos from other advertisements or from the internet.apart from being dishonest and an indication of fraud, this also includes copyright infringement; almost everything on the Internet and everywhere is copyrighted, even if it isn't annotated.
  • Read the How to take good, free item photos page for more ideas on making photos of items to sell on eBay.

>. Enter a description of your item. 

State all relevant information about the item, such as manufacturer, compatibility (for items designed to be used with other items, such as computer equipment), size, weight, color, condition, etc.

  • Adding too much information is better than giving less information about an item.Shoppers can skip descriptions of items they don't need, but definitely hit the "back" button when they can't find the information about your item they're looking for. More information can also help search engines find your ad.
  • Place the most important information about the item at the beginning of the ad.
  • If you feel the need to create an ad design, keep it simple.some sellers fill their ads with unnecessary elements that make important information in the ad difficult to read.just use images and text to describe your item.
  • Use a font that's large enough and easy to read for your ad, and don't over-animate, use clashing colors, or post anything unrelated to the ad. Note that some buyers have poor eyesight and require large fonts.use a font size such as a large print book as a benchmark.
  • Describe any damage to the item. Buyers are sure to find defects in your goods, and they are the ones who decide which defects are significant or not. Clearly describing the defect will make buyers trust you and convince them to buy your item.

>. Select a sales method. 

You can choose the type that suits your condition and your goods.

  • Online auction. Auctions last from 1-10 days, and can sometimes drive up the price of your item as buyers are encouraged to compete to bid the highest price.buyers love the thrill of winning the auction as much as they love what you are selling.
  • This way of selling is perfect if you have an item that people are looking for and that fans are fighting for, such as a rare sport-related souvenir.
  • This method is also suitable if you don't know how much you are going to sell, and can help you set prices for similar items at a later date.
  • "Buy it Now" is an item that is sold at a fixed price.This method of selling allows the buyer to complete the process of buying goods in person and the goods being purchased will be shipped immediately, instead of waiting for the auction to finish.
  • This method is suitable for items that are generally bought on a regular basis or on impulse, or items that are already widely available, and if you want to charge a competitive price.
  • Items that many people need usually do not attract many bids when auctioned.

>. Set a price for your item taking into account how much capital you have for the item, how much time you spend selling it, eBay fees, and how much shipping costs for the item. 

Remember that if you have agreed to sell or if the auction is over, there is a sales contract in place and the sale cannot be canceled unless both parties agree to cancel it.Please visit the How to price items to sell on eBay page for more information.

  • Price changes are possible for goods with a fixed price, or if they are made prior to bids for items being auctioned.
  • A low initial bid will attract bidders and enthusiasts to your item, and may make your item sell for more, but if your item is not overly exposed or unattractive, you may end up getting a very low price.
  • There is actually a way to set a minimum price for an item even if you place a low initial bid, but eBay charges extra for this service and buyers don't like it.
  • Do not charge too expensive shipping.Although sometimes high shipping costs can allow you to offer items at a lower price, and also take into account the handling costs associated with the goods, buyers are certainly not interested in items whose shipping costs are intentionally increased.
  • Don't forget to look at the bills sent by eBay and pay them on time.You will be charged commission fees and other advertising costs, and you will have to pay them if you want to keep advertising on eBay. While these costs may come as a surprise at first, think of them as business expenses. Undoubtedly, you will remember to factor these costs into the price of your goods / services.

>. Select the start and end times of the auction. 

The auction ends at 1,3,5,7, or 10 days after you started it. When an auction ends and how long it lasts will affect the price of your item.by ending the auction at peak buying time, you can often sell the item at a high price.

  • Auctions that end on Sundays, Mondays, and weekends usually attract large crowds, so you may sell the item for a higher price.
  • There are also many types of items that only sell during certain seasons, so sell those items at that good time. For example, gear will sell for more in the summer, while ski equipment will sell for the optimal price in the winter.
  • You can check eBay's planned promotions for specific categories at http://pages.ebay.com/sell/resources.html.open the page and plan your sales plan when your item category is promoted.

>. Stay friendly. 

Many sellers intimidate potential buyers; they thought they had to create lots of flashy pages (with colorful fonts) with the threat of reporting bidders who didn't buy.don't make the same mistake! You don't want to shop in a shop where the owner is watching your every move, nor in a store with waiters gossiping about the buyer.selling goods on the Internet too, remove your suspicions on prospective buyers because they will be offended if they are considered as potential thieves.

  • If you need to add multiple sales rules, make sure they are shorter than the description of your merchandise.
  • Offer a return rule.Not only can you get a discount from eBay, you'll also make buyers more confident about shopping. There are very few buyers who actually return an item, so you may benefit from the buyer's trust rather than loss because your item is returned by the buyer.
  • Answer questions from buyers as the auction progresses.answer briefly and concisely, and try to always be patient, communicate clearly, professionally and kindly. Buyers don't like to have their questions ignored, and your professionalism is at stake here, so don't hesitate to answer buyers' questions.

>. Double-check all fields before you send your ad. 

When you are on the overview page, don't forget to check the contents of the page again before clicking Submit. If you do not press Submit, your ad will not be sent. After clicking, you will receive a confirmation email that your ad has been posted on eBay.

  • Check the spelling of your ad.checking spelling won't fix other bad aspects of the ad, but it can help anyway. Proper use of capitalization and punctuation makes ads easier to read.
  • Fix all errors. You can fix all the mistakes in the auction until a bid arrives - after that, what is written cannot be changed!

Complete the transaction

>. Check out your auction. 

You can find out how many people are interested by looking at the counters available, and if too few people are, you may need to adjust your ad to appeal to people surfing eBay. Learn what is and isn't attractive, and modify your auction as necessary.

  • End your auction if necessary.You can end the auction up to 12 hours before the auction ends. However, don't overuse this option as there may be people who are waiting to bid and are disappointed that your auction often ends prematurely. Use this option when something unexpected happens, such as lost, damaged, or stolen items.(Hence, if you have already listed an advertisement for an item, please keep the item carefully!).
  • Lower the reserve price. You can do this up to 12 hours before the auction ends if your item is not being offered by someone.
  • Pay attention to potential buyers.You can block certain types of buyers, such as buyers who can't pay with Paypal, buyers in countries where the shipping service you are using is not covered, or buyers with low or bad feedback scores. You can also create an Approved Buyers list, to allow multiple buyers to bid on your items automatically.

>. Be ready when the item sells. 

Once you receive a message that your item is sold, prepare a bill if your item hasn't been paid for within a few hours.

>. Leave feedback. 

Leaving feedback after a buyer has completed his duties as a buyer is a sign of courtesy and a good business gesture.Leaving feedback on the day of delivery will be a good record for both sellers and buyers, and if you didn't make a mistake, there's no harm in leaving feedback on the day the item was delivered.

  • You can also ask the buyer for feedback if you have the time to do so.however, just do it once, don't bother the buyer again after that.

>. Wrap your belongings neatly and securely. 

If your item is glassware, incorrect packaging will result in damage to your item and your buyers to anger! Conversely, good packaging will add to your good impression in the eyes of buyers.Enter the costs you spend on packaging: boxes, packaging etc., in a factor to determine the price or shipping cost.

>. If you are dissatisfied with a buyer or seller, contact them and discuss your problem quickly and politely. 

Only use negative feedback if the issue is not resolved.

  • Always try to negotiate, because negative feedback is very difficult to erase or undo if you turn out to be wrong.remember that you do not know about the condition of your buyer, he might have an accident and use the money to pay for the hospital instead of paying for your merchandise, things like that often happen in life.
  • Negative feedback lowers the trust of both buyers and sellers in you.Counter the feedback with facts, don't blame others.
  • Help the feedback system stay honest by giving only honest feedback and not exchanging positive feedback. The seller must provide feedback when the buyer pays on time. The buyer should leave feedback when the item purchased arrives on time and in the circumstances according to advertisements.Sellers who wait for buyers to leave feedback before doing the same are the feedback exchangers, and are actually breaking the feedback system itself.

Promote your ad

>. If you sell any handmade art or souvenirs, join the eBay group for your product. 

Collectors often join the group, and many artists / sculptors also enjoy buying art. Art lovers sometimes sell their collections to buy new ones. Read the topics, be friendly, don't get into wars and praise whatever you like.joining a group is a great way to make friends in a small, active community.

>. Use social media to promote your ad. 

Write blog posts about your stuff, especially if you are an artist or a sculptor. You can also share your ad link to Facebook or Twitter.

>. Enter shipping cost in the total or lowest bid price. 

Many buyers are looking for items that are free of shipping or have low shipping costs, and they are more interested in buying them. If you offer free shipping, don't forget to mention it in your ad.

>. Sell cheap stuff to get positive feedback. 

Your feedback score is the score that is widely seen in the buying and selling activity on eBay. A buyer who chooses between two identical ads will typically choose to buy from a seller with the higher feedback score. Therefore, increasing the feedback score is very important.

>. Consider trying to become a Powerseller on eBay. 

You can't request this status, but you may be able to get it if:

>. You sell the minimum amount of goods that are determined per month. 

This value varies over time and place, so check eBay requirements.

  • You maintain that sales value for three consecutive months.
  • Your feedback score is positive.
  • Read the eBay Seller Unite blog at http://powersellersblog.com until you get Powerseller status.the blog will help you find good selling tips.

>. Consider opening a store page on eBay. 

This option will be interesting if you want visitors to find you on search engines via your own URL, you want to combine multiple items in a category that you create yourself, and if you want to create a profile that is attractive to both customers and potential customers.

>. There are also other advantages such as ads for fixed-priced products that are cheaper and have a longer duration, but they will only appear in your own shop, not from the ad listing.

  • You will be charged a monthly fee for your shop page, which should be factored into the cost when selling the item.for novice sellers, it's a good idea to visit other shop pages before deciding to open your shop page.
  • Done.


  • No matter who you are, a new seller or someone who has been hanging around eBay, you should realize that there are no specific secrets to successful sales.in fact, you should try to sell your way anyway until you find a way that works best for you and what you're selling. Use your intuition, observation and research skills, as well as communication skills, and you can have great success selling on eBay.
  • Take free sales training. There are lots of books that discuss how to sell on eBay.you will find it in your local library, and usually the discussion in the book is sufficient. The sales books usually just repeat the same subject, and buying the book is not highly recommended.
  • Don't sell illegal items. The risks you will face are formidable.
  • Sales contracts on eBay are just as binding as sales contracts that you make anywhere.if you're auctioning something on eBay, you can't just cancel it because the price doesn't match. Losing money because only one person is bidding and you are putting your initial price too low is certainly possible.
  • Be careful when selling goods overseas.Most goods are okay to sell overseas, and may raise the pricej of the goods, but goods that are legal in your home country may be illegal in other countries (or vice versa).
  • Don't accept offers to sell items or accept payments outside of eBay. This is against eBay rules and you will have no protection if the sale ends badly.

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