Complete guide on How to Invest in the Capital Market

cungkring.com: As the times are increasingly sophisticated, you can take advantage of the capital market as a means of investing in the long term. In addition, you can take advantage of the capital market for short-term investments.of course, by making this investment you can get a very large profit.

The capital market instrument that is the favorite of many investors is stocks. However, to buy stocks, there are many steps that you need to pay attention to.considering that there are many investment and trading activities carried out online by utilizing applications.

The Right Way to Invest in the Capital Market

For those of you who have an interest in investing in stocks in the capital market, you can see an explanation of several ways to invest in the capital market.in full please see the following explanation:

Open a share account in securities

If you want to invest in the capital market, you can open an account at the nearest securities.if you want to open a new share account then you can open it online or offline.

When in your area there are no securities and you don't want to be complicated, you can open a new stock account by using the online system.if you open with an online system you can open the official securities site.

Downloading the trading application

The second step you need to do after opening a stock account is to download the online trading application. You can download the stock trading application on the securities official website.well, by using this application you can monitor the market, analyze stocks and buy and sell shares.

Make a deposit on the account

If you want to buy shares, of course, you must have prepared the capital. Now, to buy shares you can make a capital injection in an investor fund account (RDI) or a customer fund account (RDN).Each security has different rules regarding the minimum initial deposit. Some require a minimum initial deposit of 100 thousand to 10 million.

After that you can use the capital to make trades.but don't use all the capital for trading, you can use it according to your needs.

Understand the trading mechanisms

When you already have a stock application then you must understand it. Furthermore, after having a deposit, you can buy and sell shares. In order to get a profit, you must understand the trading mechanism in the capital market.Besides that, by studying the trading mechanism, you are not wrong when placing stock orders.

Perform technical / fundamental stock analysis

You need to know that when you are going to sell or buy shares, you need data. So, by using stock technical analysis, you can make the right decision to buy stocks or not.besides that, to become an investor you need a fundamental stock analysis.

Choose stocks

When you understand technical and fundamental analysis, it will be easier for you to choose which stocks to buy.Of course, with this analysis you are not careless in deciding to buy or sell stocks.

Withdrawing profit to personal account

The main goal of someone investing or trading is to make a profit. Of course, by having these advantages you can use them for your various needs.when you are already profitable and want to use it, you can withdraw the funds from the sale of shares in the customer funds account (RDN) to your personal bank account.


Thus an explanation of the complete guide on how to invest in the capital market.I hope that this explanation can increase your knowledge about the right way to invest in the capital market and can get big profits.

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