9 Best Forums to Learn SEO

cungkring.com: SEO (Search Engine Optimization - Search Engine Optimization) is dynamic and not very clear. Something has changed. To equip yourself, you need to learn SEO from trusted sources.not only blogs, you can visit these nine SEO forums which are full of tips and tricks about search engine optimization.

Why is SEO Important?

The implementation of SEO that is right on target will increase the website's ranking in search engine search results (SERPs - the search engine result pages) and bring more visitors through organic search (organic search).

Unfortunately, the implementation is not that easy.sEO keeps changing. So, you should not be left out of information regarding search engine optimization.surely you want the website to always have good performance, right?

There are three basic types of SEO: on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and technical SEO.

On-Page SEO

In order for the website to be busy, the content presented must be informative and relevant.

Studying on-page SEO optimization will provide insight for you to create slick content.Structured content will provide a better experience for the audience.

Off-Page SEO

Apart from on-page SEO, you should also study off-page SEO optimization.

The main focus of this technique is to link one website to another.If executed correctly, off-page SEO will have a significant positive impact and long-term benefits. Page Authority will increase and the website will become more credible.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is closely related to how much you understand search engine algorithms. In a way, this method is the most complicated.so, you must continue to learn and update SEO information.

There are at least five factors that search engines consider when analyzing websites:

  • Relevant content
  • High Page Authority
  • Website security
  • Loading speed
  • Technical SEO strategy accuracy

The five factors above will still be considered by search engines.however, the implementation tends to be dynamic because search engines are constantly changing their algorithms.

Hummingbird, for example, is Google's algorithm designed to replace Panda and Penguin.This new algorithm emphasizes the search or use of keywords that are more natural.

If you don't know the latest information about SEO and search engines, you will be implementing an outdated strategy that doesn't really matter to your website.

Why Join the SEO Forum?

Registering on SEO forums provides many advantages.one of them is that you can know the latest tips and tricks for implementing SEO. Then, what are the other reasons for joining SEO forums?

The information is free

Most SEO forums are free for anyone who wants to join as members.in the forum, you can access a variety of valuable information about SEO that is shared by experts.

Branding Opportunities

In the SEO forum, you can ask questions and also share knowledge. This opportunity can be used as an opportunity to build an online persona.

By sharing a solution, you will be more trusted. Continue to provide useful and relevant information.that way, both forum members and non-members will see you as an expert in a particular field.

Brand awareness can also be increased through forums.You do share information, but at the same time you become the main face of the business being managed.

Extending Networking

A forum where people exchange information and provide mutual support.

The more often you interact with forum members, the greater the opportunity to build relationships and expand networking.not necessarily in the same niche, but also with those who come from different backgrounds.

Then, Which Forum is the Best for Learning SEO?

There are three things to consider if you want to join an SEO forum:

  • Active. When all members communicate and exchange ideas, it is unlikely that questions will be missed or answered.every post in each category has the same position and deserves to be discussed.
  • Well structured. Clear categories will make it easier for forum members to read threads or questions.
  • Smooth and focused discussion. Moderation not only ensures that all questions are properly answered, but also prevents the forum from being abusive.

Keep in mind, do not swallow all information received on forums, especially those related to links and spam.

Some SEO forums allow anonymous interactions.This feature is considered an advantage for forum users who wish to hide their identity and privacy. Unfortunately, this feature is often abused by those who want to take advantage of other members.

Our advice, when joining a forum, don't trust someone too much.especially if the person requests a transfer of funds or other matters relating to financial information.

Here are nine of the best forums for those of you who want to learn and explore SEO:

> Google Webmaster Help Community

Since Google leads the search engine, it's no wonder we've made this platform the best SEO forum on this list.google Webmaster Help Community is developed by Google and each month there are more than 1,000 threads (threads).

In this forum, you can ask questions and discuss all Google products and services, including discussions about SEO.

The main page displays various categories, such as Crawling, Indexing, and Ranking. Another alternative to searching for discussion topics is to type a keyword in the search bar.also click View all posts to read more questions.who knows, right, your question has been asked by the previous member and documented in a thread ?!

If you want to ask, click Ask Now. Type in a subject or topic, choose details, describe your question and submit.


  • Owned and managed by Google.
  • Equipped with various search features.


  • Offers only four preset categories.


> Warrior Forum

As one of the largest marketing community forums, the Warrior Forum has many categories, from internet marketing to SEO.Until this article was written, there were already more than 200,000 threads on this forum.

This forum provides free access for those who wish to join. Just register yourself with email or Google account. However, if you want to enjoy the features of this SEO forum, you must subscribe to the Premium War Room Membership at a cost of 97 USD / year.if you want to try first, Warror Forum provides a 30 day free trial. The features provided in the premium package, such as:

  • Digital marketing courses
  • Internet marketing tools
  • And other uses.

When selecting a topic, the thread that appears by default is the newest thread.For the SEO section, there are many topics covered, from the comparison of SEO vs SMO to the decline in domain authority.


  • Have a column devoted to beginners.
  • Multipurpose.


  • To get premium access, you have to pay a subscription fee.

> SEO Chat Forums

No need to pay a subscription fee to join the SEO Chat Forum.once you have an account here, you can read more than 400,000 threads.

In terms of categories, this forum has more variety than the Google Webmaster Help Community.the navigation between categories and subcategories is not confusing either.

For example, if you open the thread 'How to do SEO for Bing', the displayed path will be Forum -> SEO (Search Engine Optimization) -> Bing / Yahoo Search Optimization.you no longer need to check thousands of threads until you find the right topic.

To post a thread on this SEO forum, you only need to access a certain subcategory and click the orange button.The advanced search feature presented in this forum also makes it easier for members who want to search for specific topics.


  • Lots of categories.
  • Ease of navigation.


  • Google marks this site as Not Secure.

> V7N Webmaster Forum

The V7N is a web development community that maintains many forums on topics ranging from web development to marketing.This forum has a sub-category of SEO that is still in the marketing sphere with over 19,000 threads.

To join this SEO forum, you don't need to pay a penny. After the account is created, you can immediately create a thread or discuss SEO.Some interesting topics to follow are 'how to boost organic traffic' and 'SEO trends in 2019'.


  • Free


  • There is no SEO category.So, to access the SEO subcategory, you have to go to the marketing / marketing category.
  • Just like the SEO Chat Forum, this forum is also marked Not Secure.

> Wicked Fire

Wicked Fire is recognized as one of the best forums in the marketing and SEO field. The number of members who are members of it is already more than 200,000 people.even the number of threads itself exceeded 140,000.

This forum is dedicated to internet marketers, website owners / managers (webmasters), and developers. Therefore, there are many categories that can be explored. In the main column alone there are a number of categories, such as affiliate marketing, traffic and content.although SEO topics scatter, unfortunately there is no specific category for this topic.

Wicked Fire also has an area for buying and selling transactions.however, as we have suggested, be careful in carrying out all processes that involve finance.


  • Forum icon indicator for each new post.


  • Discussion topics are spread across various categories.

> Digital Point

The number of members is more than 800,000 people and discussion topics that reach 2 million make Digital Point the largest SEO forum on this list.

Registration is free, but you can only register using your Facebook account.

Different from Wicked Fire, Digital Point displays threads about search engines or search engines at the very front.You can search for subcategories, such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and so on.

Better yet, there are subcategories for Google, such as Adsense, Analytics, and Shopping.You will also find it easier to read important and relevant topics.


  • Many discussion topics.
  • Nice and neat category manager.


  • Sometimes the registration has problems.

> Black Hat World

The main homepage of Black Hat World has a distinctive feature, which is all black - as the name suggests 'Black - black'.registration is easy and there are no fees charged.

All topics discussed in this forum are centered on SEO, from Black Hat SEO to White Hat SEO. Even so, you can still read threads about marketing.The subcategories provided make it easier for forum members to find the topic or question they want.

If you want to find out how to increase sales using copywriting, for example, you can go directly to the White Hat SEO category and select the Copywriting and Sales Persuasion sub-category.In this subcategory, you'll find a lot of discussion and discussion, such as choosing fonts or copywriting tips.

There is one thing to know about black hat SEO. Not many people agree with this technique.What's more, this technique is often penalized by Google.


  • Many members.
  • Various categories, not only SEO.


  • Black Hat Seo techniques sometimes have a negative impact and affect a website's reputation.

> Reddit -SEO Subcategory

Who doesn't know Reddit? This forum with more than 97,000 members has a lot of topics to discuss, including SEO tips and case studies.each topic thread is called a subreddit. Example of writing like this: r / SEO.

If the account has been successfully created, you can immediately publish the post. Well, Reddit frees its members to post content on profiles, the community that the content is from, or r / SEO.the subcategory can also be selected by adding the r / SEO label.

Unfortunately, Reddit is not like Black Hat World which has better category management.however, this forum offers easy search, that is, it is enough to type in a topic or keyword in the search box.


  • Popular platform with best moderation features.
  • Ease of publishing posts / threads.


  • There is no category for r / SEO.

> Quora

Quora is a place for everyone to exchange ideas and information.In fact, this platform was asked to be one of the best Q&A websites with monthly visitors exceeding 200 million people.

To join the Quora forum, you can register for free using your Google account, Facebook account, or your own email account.choose an interest or hobby and start asking questions.

Type keywords in the search bar if you want to access more specific topics.

Quora also provides an opportunity for its users to answer questions for which there is no solution.so, if you find that you know the answer, you can share information by answering the question.


  • Has many members.
  • The ease of making questions and answering questions.


  • Has no categories.


SEO forums are a great resource if you want to know more about optimization techniques.even this platform can also be a place to build an online reputation and expand business networks.

Here are nine SEO forums that have lots of active members and discussions, are well structured, and have good moderation settings:

  • Google Webmaster Help Community - the official Google forum with various search features.
  • Warrior Forum - one of the forums with the largest community and has a paid membership service.
  • SEO Chat Forums - SEO forums with easy navigation.
  • V7N Webmaster - covers topics around internet marketing and web development.
  • Wicked Fire - SEO forum equipped with a transaction area.
  • Digital Point - a forum whose main focus is SEO.
  • Black Hat World - a forum that discusses Black Hat SEO and White Hat SEO.
  • Reddit (SEO Subcategory) - one of the most popular discussion forums that has a subcategory of SEO.
  • Quora - the best forum for a variety of SEO information and finding answers to any specific question.

Hopefully the nine forums above can be the best alternative for those of you who want to learn SEO. So, which forum is your favorite?

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