Leave These 6 Habits, So That Salaries Are Not Fast Exhausted

cungkring.com : The date of receiving salary and benefits is always awaited by many people.after being tired of working for a month, payday money is usually used for a short celebration of happiness, from shopping to traveling.

Eits, but be careful! Pay attention to these financial tips, don't let these six habits make a payday quickly run out without realizing it, here's the list:

Shopping for cheap goods is considered economical

One habit after pay is spending it.because you want to keep saving, you look for items that are cheap.

Reporting from lifehack,org, Wednesday (12/2), it turns out the habit of buying cheap things does not always make a bag of savings.because, cheap goods sometimes the quality is not good, so the use is not too long.

As a result, items that you consider to be economical actually cause extravagance because they have to buy again in close proximity. Honey, right?

Buy Discount Items

Towards the date of receipt of salary, usually scattered attractive discounts. The discount can be up to 80 percent.

Actually there is nothing wrong with buying discounted goods.But, don't let all the discounted items you buy. Because it will actually make the bag quickly empty.

Savings Balance Easy to Pull

Technological advancements make any access easier, including bank accounts. With cellphone in hand, you can access m-banking anytime.

This habit turns out to be dangerous because it's easier to spend your money.with m-banking in hand, you unconsciously do a lot of online shopping!

Look for a savings account that is not accessible and cannot be linked to your current account. This will help you think twice about transferring the money if it's not easy to do.

Monthly shopping makes wasteful

Monthly spending is often done when payday drops.but without realizing this habit also makes you so crazy spending money.

Not infrequently, people who shop monthly with a frenzy will be surprised to see how many items are purchased and apparently not so necessary.goods are bought only because they are cheap.

Make Target Unrealistic

In order to save money monthly, you make a target not to eat out at all for the next 30 days.actually the target is fine if you are able to do it.

Unfortunately, a target that is too ambitious in saving expenses can not enjoy eating food outside it will unwittingly make you eat a lot one day.so it's best to let you eat out once a week.

Not Writing a List of Groceries

This is similar to impulsive buying but is more than that when we shop for food. When you are hungry, you will buy about 20 percent more food than you want to eat.

This habit is apparently not good.preferably before shopping, especially food for the next week or month, make a list.

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