Why stop smoking instead of making pain and undelicious body?

cungkring.com: There is always a question, why when quitting smoking instead makes the body sick. Quitting smoking generally affects the overall body condition. Sometimes the effect carries ketikdaknyamanan when smokers stop their nicotine intake.

If you have also experienced this, there is a reason why quitting smoking makes the condition of the body seem weak.

Nicotine influence in the body

Nicotine in cigarettes has a stimulant effect. Nicotine is absorbed into the bloodstream through the lining of the lungs and runs towards the brain within 7-10 seconds.

There is a chemical reaction that occurs when the nicotine is up in the brain and triggers the adrenal hormones thereby causing a euphoric effect in the body. The existence of nicotine makes you feel better after smoking cigarettes.

As you know, nicotine is an addictive substance that can cause addiction and is easy to find in tobacco products. The body of smokers has adapted to nicotine presence. So that when no nicotine body needs to adapt again.

Discomfort when you quit smoking is known as nicotine withdrawal or nicotine withdrawal. The symptoms of nicotine withdrawal usually affect smokers physically, such as flu, cough, and dizziness.

Does normal stop smoking even hurt? Is this a good or bad sign? Check out the next explanation.

Quit smoking even sick, this is a good sign

Maybe you do not expect to quit smoking instead give a sick effect. Wait first, this is a good sign. One of the symptoms you can experience is prolonged cough.

While it looks like a pain, it signifies that your lungs begin to load because the cilia in the respiratory tract work again normally.

Cilia, small hairs that are shaped like fine hair, are tasked to remove impurities and mucus to keep the lungs clean. Smoking in the long run can disrupt the function of cilia in preventing the entry of bacteria into the respiratory tract.

When you do not smoke, cilia can work normally to induce toxic deposits in the form of mucus and excreted through coughs.

Maybe you keep thinking quit smoking instead of making you sick. Relax, this cough symptom will be subdued when you quit smoking for a year.

Other nicotine withdrawal symptoms almost resemble signs of flu. This condition usually starts with fever, cough, or unwell, cough, and sore.

This triggers the immune system to provide the same response as against bacteria or viruses, as a result of the nicotine absence in the body. Usually, this flu lasts only 2 days and the body is also able to adapt again as it is available.

Melansir WebMD, not only cough and flu, in some cases quit smoking also creates recurrent headaches, causing pain in the eye area or one side of the head. Although it may cause pain, it is a good indication of nicotine withdrawal when quitting smoking.

Overcoming nicotine withdrawal when quitting smoking

Quitting smoking is not only physically influential, but also psychologically affecting. For example, mood swings and the onset of smoke are the temptation to return. Although quitting smoking instead creates pain, rest assured that there is a good effect for your health in the future.

In order for your vision to quit smoking still smoothly, do some of the following ways to overcome nicotine withdrawal symptoms.

1. Consumption of healthy foods
One effect when you stop the nicotine intake is the increased appetite. Many people are stuck to eat good, sweet, and fast food.

However, it is still to consume healthy and fibre foods, in order to avoid excessive weight gain.

2. Manage Stress healthily
Smoking temptations usually appear when you are in a stressful and depressed condition. Of course you do not want nicotine withdrawal symptoms that cause a repeated pain effect when you decide to quit smoking, right?

You need to manage stress in a healthier way through yoga or meditation. Slowly you will be accustomed to facing stress in a quiet way.

3. Exercise
Quit smoking even sick? You can still cope with the nicotine withdrawal effect by exercising. Besides being able to nourish other organs, exercise can be your escape when the temptation of smoking comes.

Divert the temptation of smoking by exercising, for example, healthy roads, jogging, or swimming. Routine exercise can also increase your body endurance during the period of nicotine withdrawal.

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