Comparing sperm speed when excreted in the body and water

cungkring.com: Controversial statement by members of the Indonesian Children Protection Commission (KPAI), which is then established, related women who swim with men are likely to be pregnant clearly misleading. Based on the research results, the likelihood of pregnancy without physical contact is quite small. This is because the sperm speed and durability when inside and outside of the body are different.

So, how is the difference in sperm quality when outside the body, especially in the pool water?

Sperm speed when inside and outside the body

According to reports from a number of media, news about women who swim with men causes pregnancy to come from one of the KPAI commissioner of Health, Sitti Hikmawatty.

According to Sitti, pregnancy without physical contact in the pool can occur when the outgoing sperm is very strong and the woman is in the fertile period. Later Sitti rectify the information and apologizes.

In fact, it is wrong what Sitti has conveyed. Sperm that have come out of the male penis will not be able to find their own way to the vagina, penetrate the swimwear, and the fertilization process occurs.

Sperm can indeed survive for a few minutes when ejaculation occurs in warm water or ordinary water. In addition, it is possible that sperm cells can find their own way to the vagina when they are in very small water, so pregnancy risk is quite low.

Meanwhile, maybe some of you are wondering, how the speed of sperm is when it is intimate with when out of the body.

Reported from the book titled Human Reproduction Update, sperm travels to the female uterine cavity at a speed of 5 millimetres/min. Normally, the mean length of the fallopian tubes is 175 millimeters.

With such lengths and speeds, the cells that can cause the pregnancy will reach the uterus in approximately 45 minutes. However, the total duration of this can be very relative and depends on the condition of the sperm respectively.

On the other hand, sperm may die rapidly when ejaculation occurs outside the body due to air exposure. The duration of outside body sperm resistance is related to environmental factors that can cause the cell to become faster dry.

Theoretically, the speed of the sperm when outside the body becomes uncounted. Basically, calculations are based on sperm speed towards a woman's womb.

What about the speed of sperm in the water?

When the sperm survives in a short time outside the body and cannot be determined by speed, how is it in the water?

Generally, when in the water, especially hot water and pond water, the temperature of water or chemicals will kill the sperm a few seconds after ejaculation.

The sperm that has just come out can survive for a few minutes on ordinary warm water. However, sperm cells need to find a way and into the vagina after ' swimming ' in the pond water, entering through the cervix, and fertilize the woman's womb.

The velocity of the sperm when in the water cannot be measured when not having sex. The reason is that sperm is not directly entered and stored by the vagina, but rather ' swim ' in water that may be full of chemicals that can kill cells.

Therefore, the possibility of pregnancy without having sex in the pool is very small. In addition to environmental factors that can affect the quality of sperm when it is up to the vagina, the speed also contributes to considerable influence. From getting to the vagina, the cervix, to fertilize the woman's womb.

Things that can improve sperm speed

How quickly the sperm can get to the woman's womb is one of the factors affecting sperm quality. Then that, when the sperm speed slows down, chances are there is nothing wrong with your body.

People cannot actually feel it. Thus, men need to undergo a sperm examination to learn about it.

However, it does not hurt not to keep the health of the body so that the quality and fertility of men remain good? Here are some factors that may be able to increase the sperm speed and quality in men.

1. Vitamin D consumption

Did you know that the vitamins that can be obtained from this sunlight can affect the speed of sperm for the better?

Reported from Live Science, researchers found that sperm deficient in vitamin D (25 nanomol per liter of blood) lacked motile or did not move efficiently. Meanwhile, men with sperm containing 75 nanomol vitamin D per liter of blood are faster moving.

In addition, vitamin D is also touted for male fertility. Thus, you can increase vitamin D intake as one way to help improve sperm quality.

Here's a few sources of vitamin D that you can consume besides supplements.

Certain types of fish, such as salmon, tuna, or sardines
Egg yolks
Cereals containing vitamin D
In addition to vitamin D, in fact you also need to maintain weight by undergoing a healthy diet. For example, choosing a menu with a large selection of vegetables and fruits that contain antioxidants is a smart choice for improving sperm quality.

2. Routine exercise

Increasing sperm speed while ejaculation should also be accompanied by adequate exercise. It is no public secret anymore that exercise can improve male fertility because it helps burn fat and boost testosterone.

However, don't overdo it when exercising. Excessive exercise can precisely lower testosterone levels.

Let's try to set aside your time 20-30 minutes a day to burn fat in the body in order to keep the sperm quality good.

3. Manage Stress

Stress is one of the leading factors why the quality and speed of your sperm decreases, so that fertility is reduced.

This condition can occur because stress can increase cortisol levels, thereby causing a decrease in testosterone levels.

Stress can not be eliminated, but rather manageable. When your mind starts taking over your life, try to walk around in the middle of nature, do meditation, exercise, or spend time with loved ones.

Basically, the speed of sperm can only be counted when a sex connection occurs. When ejaculation occurs outside the female vagina or in the water, the risk of cell death is considerable, so most likely the velocity cannot be calculated. However, it does not hurt to maintain the quality of sperm by living a healthy lifestyle to remain fertile.

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