List of harmful contents in health-damaging Liquid Vape

cungkring.com: Different from cigarette cigarettes, vape (electric cigarette) can be used many times because the device is powered by batteries and the liquid producer can be refilled. Vape contains cartridges that are condition with liquid or special liquid. Inside the cartridge, the liquid will be heated to the vapor that will be inhalation later. So, what is the content in liquid vape? To be uncurious, here's the explanation for you.

Various content in liquid vape

Many think that vape is safer compared to tobacco cigarettes. In fact, if viewed from its contents, in the vape contained various hazardous chemicals for the body. In fact, some of the substances in the cigarette are also found in the vape.

Liquids in the vape are composed of various chemical substances including nicotine, taste substances, and other additives. Vape is also dangerous because steam is not just plain water. This vapor is composed of very small particles that can be breathe deeply to enter the deepest lungs.

For more details, the following content is generally present in liquid vape and its smoke is reported by the American Cancer Society and National Academies Press:

Nicotine is the main substance contained in cigarettes. Liquid in vape also contains nicotine with "dosage" which varies between brand and product. The average is less than the nicotine in cigarettes, but there are also high enough to speed the nicotine levels in cigarettes.

Nicotine is an addictive substance that causes its users to be addicted. Reported from the Surgeon General page, nicotine includes substances that can damage brain development, especially in teenagers under 25 years of age. From babies to 25 years of age, the brain will still grow and thrive.

Whenever new skills are learned, stronger connections or synapses will be built between brain cells. In adolescence and young adults, synapses are faster to build. Unfortunately, this will be hampered when a person consumes nicotine such as a vape that damages adolescent brain development.

When the child is already addicted to nicotine, he/she will risk other substance addictions later on. In addition, nicotine consumed during pregnancy can also lead to premature birth and low birth baby weight.

Volatile organic Compounds (VOC)
Volatile organic Compounds (VOC) is an organic compound that is volatile. One example of VOC contained in liquid vape is propylene glycol.

Propylene glycol is an additional substance often used in foods such as ice cream or liquid sweetener. In addition, this substance is also used to produce fog or artificial smoke on stage shows, paint solvents, and antifreeze materials.

Liquid vape contains propylene glycol because when heated can produce vapor like smoke. Unfortunately, at some level, this one substance can cause irritation to the eyes, nose, lungs, and throat.

In addition, the VOC can also cause headaches, nausea, and potentially damaging the liver, kidneys and nervous system if the explanation is excessive.

Glycerin or that is also known as vegetable glycerin is a material derived from plants. Glycerin is often used as an auxiliary ingredient in food and drug-making that gives a sweet taste.

Glycerin has a similar function to propylene glycol i.e. to produce smoke. However, because this compound is thicker than the glycerin, the vapor that comes out will be thicker and concentrated.

However, as reported from the National Academies Press report, Propylene glycol is more irritating to breathing than glycerine.

Seasoning Materials
There are more than 7,000 unique flavors in liquid vape that can be enjoyed. Diacetyl is one of the seasoning chemicals for vape which is also widely added in butter and caramel. In addition to Diacetyl, acetylpropionyl is also often used as a seasoning ingredient in vape.

Unfortunately, these ingredients can actually exacerbate respiratory health. Serious pulmonary disease i.e. bronchiolitis arteriosclerosis or lung popcorn is a health problem that can arise after a person inhales the two compounds of the taste.

Popcorn Lung is a condition when the smallest airway in the lungs (bronchiolus) is narrowed due to injuries.

Carbon compounds
Carbon compounds such as formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, Acrolein, and glycidol are substances found in aerosols or vape vapors. These carbon compounds can cause a variety of serious health problems on its users.

Formaldehyde and acetaldehyde are classified into carcinogenic substances or cancer causes by the International Agency for Research on Cancer. While Glycidol is a substance that is also allegedly strong as a cause of cancer.

In addition to potentially causing cancer, these compounds are at risk of damaging the digestive, skin, and lung systems.

The "Acrolein"
Acrolein is a herbicide that is usually used to kill weeds. Unfortunately, the content of Acrolein in the liquid vape can cause damage to the lungs that cannot be recovered.

Toxic metal compounds such as nickel, tin, Kadmiun, and chromium are found in the smoke produced from the liquid vape.

The metal content in the vape is allegedly derived from some parts of the vape device itself. When heated, the metal from the device evaporates until it is finally inhalation through the resulting smoke.

Exposure to metals through vape can cause serious health problems. Chromium and nickel for example potentially cause lung cancer.

In addition, nickel can also trigger allergies in some people. In large quantities, chromium content in liquid vape can also cause cancer.

Now, do you think that vape is harmless? Instead of wasting money on buying liquid vape refills, it would be much better if you quit smoking right now and start implementing a healthier lifestyle.

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