Snails Cooked Spicy Sweet Soy Sauce with White Rice and Fried Eggs

     Snails Cooked Spicy Sweet Soy Sauce with White Rice and Fried Egg 


> Snail 200gr
> Garlic 20gr
> Shallots 30gr
> Ginger 10gr
> Birth eye Chille 10gr
> Shrimp Paste 5gr
> Sweet Soy Sauce 20gr
> Cooked Water 50ml
> Salt 5gr
> Sugar 5gr
> Chicken Powder 10gr
> White Rice 3port


- Lettuce Curly
- Tomato Fruit


[*] The first time You Cooked , make sure all the ingredients and equipment we need are prepared in advance

[*] Clean the Boiled Snail then Drain Until Dry

[*] For Second Sliced Garlic, Shallot, Ginger & Birt Eye Chilles

[*] Sauté Shallot, Garlic, Ginger, Birt Eye Chilles, & Shrimp Paste until Fragrant And Make Sure it is Golden Brown.

[*] If the material that has been sauteed smells fragrant, Put the snail that has been washed clean and already drained the water into the kuwali, then sauteed using medium heat until fragrant.

[*] Pour Sweet Soy Sauce, And Cook Water, and Saute Again, Then Pour All The Spices That Have Been Prepared, Cook Until All Ingredients Are Mixed And Mature, Then Set aside

[*] Cook fried eggs and set aside.

[*] prepare White Rice, then shape according to taste.

[*] If all ingredients are cooked then ready to be decorated and served in a plate

Efficacy of a Snail

[*] Can Be a Medicine for Asthmatics

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