Braised Beef Short Ribs With Assorted Bean Sauce


> 150gr Braised beef short ribs
> Salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste

> 1tsb Salad oil
> 20gr Garlic and sliced shallots
> 10gr Ginger Slice
> 1lt Clear Stock

Bean Sauce :

> 1tbsp zhu hou bean sauce
> 1tbsp Rice Wine Vinegar
> 1/2 tbsp Essence Wine
> 1 tsp soy sauce
> 1 tsp sesame oil
> 1/2 dark soy souce
> 1/2 tsp sugar


> For the assorted bean sauce: Mix all the ingredients in a mixing bowl and set aside

> Dry the chilled beef short ribs with absorbent paper towels and then season with salt and freshly ground black papper to taste.

> Heat the Salad oil in a wok over medium-high heat. Add in the seassoned beef short ribs and sear on all sides until browned. Remove the seared beef short ribs from the work and set aside.

> Pour away the rendered fat from the work and reduce heat to low. Add in additional Salad oil if necessary. Add in the sliced garlic, shallots and ginger and stir-fry until fragrant. Return the seared beef short ribs to the wok and add in the stock and assorted bean sauce. Cover the wok with a lid and braise until meat is tender, for about 2 hours. Remove the braised beef short ribs from the wok and cut into 3 pieces. Pour 50ml of assorted bean sauce into saucepan and simmer until sauce has reduce and thickened.

> Serve the braised beef short rib pieces with assorted bean sauce.

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