How Storytelling Marketing Can Increase Your Sales

cungkring.com: Have you ever imagined that the world we live in doesn't know the term story. Maybe, we won't know a Jackma, or maybe J.K Rowling will never have the chance to become a billionaire from the sales of Harry Potter.well, how important is the role of the story? And what does that have to do with marketing? 

Storytelling Marketing as a Media of Persuasion

Persuasion in marketing cannot be ruled out.this is because persuasion is a form of communication And communication is our main way to market the business we run. Regardless of the potential investors and potential consumers.This persuasion can be done through various media, such as blogs, videos, advertisements, email, social media, or others.

There is a saying that, a buyer actually buys a product not because of its use. But they buy the best version of themselves when they own or use the product.well, this expression proves that good storytelling marketing can change a person's behavior. Maybe from those who didn't know the product at first, they were finally interested and decided to buy it.

Storytelling That Changes the Path of Human Emotions

A good story will change the way a person feels. It will also make people invest in their emotions.the point is, your potential target market will be easier to change their position if the story you tell is interesting to them.

For example, Ebay once made an ad for Ramadan by bringing up the story of Ramadan as a moment to provide the best opportunity. This ad raises a child's gratitude for his mother who buys him the portion of shrimp he wants.not directly offering a product, but this type of storytelling marketing works well to boost Ebay as a brand.

Storytelling Changes How Audiences Respond

In marketing, response is important for marketers to know.The response itself can take many forms, and of course with today's technology, many types of responses can be measured.for example, the number of likes, comments, or shares. And another example is the watch time if the marketing content is uploaded to YouTube.

Each marketing storytelling will certainly provide a different response for each audience, even though they are still followers of the same brand.for example, you might find different kinds of responses in a Facebook post from the shoe brand Nike. Some responded with smiling, laughing emoticons, or maybe even disliking them.

Storytelling Marketing Invites Them To Give "Action"

A story can make the listener to do something. For example, making a product purchase.share information about the product with family or friends, or do both.

Fresh storytelling can even make old buyers buy the same product again, or new products from the same brand.an example is the Indomie advertising concept, which changes frequently, but still has a place in the hearts of the audience.

Storytelling Way For Marketing

To create a good marketing storytelling line, you won't be able to make it up in a minute or two. You need experience and empathy in order to hear feedback from your customers.and what needs to be instilled is, storytelling marketing is not a science, it's an art. So, what is needed to create this profitable work of art?

Storytelling Requires a Main Character

A good story always starts with the protagonist's introduction to everyday life, and includes the problems that surround him.here, you need to place your audience as the protagonist of the story you create. Convey that these problems can be solved with the solutions that you offer.

For example, in a sensodyne product ad featuring people with sensitive teeth and feeling tortured when eating ice.then the sensodyne product is shown as a form of solution to the problem.

Do not be too detailed on unnecessary things

Make sure not to go into unnecessary detail. Because this will be a boring thing for the audience. For example, for example, you want to sell smartphone products.then all you need to do is create a marketing storytelling concept about the advantages of the smartphone.

You don't need to tell what components are in the product in too much detail.besides not everyone is able to understand it, your story will also take time when it has to be conveyed in short media such as Instagram videos.

Displaying Imagination

In telling a story, it's a good idea to strengthen it with imagination.for example displaying supporting images on the writing that you have written, or making infographics on videos that you will broadcast via YouTube. This is important to equalize the perceptions of you and your audience.

A fact shows that the brain will process information as much as 60 times faster if the information is a picture.show something, or draw something!

Telling Into Several Versions

Storytelling marketing does not only apply to writing on a blog, but also in the form of videos, illustrations and photos. You need to create several different versions to apply to the many media used.the function of reproducing this version of the story is to expand the reach of the audience.

This is because not everyone has access to some media, or only uses some of it. If you're creating a blog post, it's a good idea to create, for example, infographics for Instagram and Facebook.or make a video version for the YouTube channel.


The thing you need to understand is to get rid of the distrust of the stories you create. Maybe at first you will think your story is boring or less interesting. However, this is where you actually need to go through the process, namely by telling stories and telling more audiences.so you find which segment is the best listener, aka the most potential target market. Good luck!

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