Deficiency And Advantages of Starting a Dropship Business

cungkring.com : The more industrial progress developed, the more developed the way people sell. Starting from opening an online store, becoming a reseller, to selling the dropshipping system which is quite popular today. Of the three businesses, each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages.

But the least risk is selling with a dropshipping system.How did it happen? Well, for those of you who want to start a business, here is an explanation as well as its advantages and disadvantages. Listen until it's finished!

What is Dropship?

For those of you who like online business, you must be familiar with the word Dropship. Dropshipping is a business mechanism whose sales do not require stock of goods at all.people who run this business are called dropshippers who only focus on the right target market.

In this business, there are more than two people involved in transactions. Buyers, dropshippers and manufacturers (suppliers). The plot goes like this: a dropshipper promotes goods from producers. If there are buyers, buyers and dropshippers make transactions.after that the dropshipper will forward the transaction to the producer and the buyer's ordered goods will be completed by the manufacturer.

Lack of Dropship

If you look at the explanation above, being a dropshipper looks quite fun. Its job is only to promote goods from producers, without the need to produce goods themselves and no need to complete buyer orders. Everything has been arranged.but, behind it all of course there are drawbacks. What are they?

Small advantage

Because you are a third party in this business, the benefits you get are usually not large. Apart from having to compete with the prices of major producers, you also have to compete with the prices of other competitors.that's what causes the benefits you get is not large.

Cannot see the quality and quantity of goods directly

You are not involved in the production process, so you don't know whether the product is good or not. In addition, sometimes suppliers do not regularly update the available stock of goods.so it does not rule out the item is used up and you don't know it. Both quality and quantity largely determine customer satisfaction, and the only person a dissatisfied customer can blame is you as a dropshipper.

Supplier's problem

Because you do not hold sales items and are not involved in the production process until delivery.then you cannot monitor the buyer's order. Supplier problems will later become your problem too. Such as the goods did not reach the buyer, damaged goods, wrong products, and other errors.for that, it is important to choose a supplier who has good quality service and product quality.

It's hard to branding

Another difficulty faced when the dropshipping business is branding. In various products, a brand logo is usually closely attached to the packaging or on the product. Now, this is what a dropshipper can't do.because the products they sell are not their own products. But there are also some suppliers that allow the use of the name or brand of the dropshipper before the goods reach the buyer.

Need the right marketing strategy

The last drawback in this business is the need for the right marketing strategy.there is a lot of competition in this business, starting from other dropshippers or from their own suppliers. And you have to have your own strategy to convince people to buy products from you.

Business Advantages

Although there are quite a lot of shortcomings, ranging from minimal profits to needing the right marketing strategy.There are still many dropshipping businesses that are considered by many people to start a business. Maybe because of the following advantages that are the reason.

Does not require large capital

To start a dropshipping business, you don't need a lot of capital. It can even be said without capital at all.this business does not need a place to store goods and does not even need employees and tools to produce. It only takes persuasive skills so that people are interested in buying products through you.


After you get a buyer, all you have to do is make a transaction to the supplier and send customer data. After that your work is finished.You don't need to pack goods, make deliveries, check financial information, rent a place, and do other production matters.

No need to stock items

Because you don't have any items at all, you don't need stock items. You don't need additional space to store ordered items or items for sale.the mind becomes calmer because you don't have to think about the number of items that haven't been sold.

Can be done anytime and anywhere

The next advantage is that you can do this business anytime and anywhere. Does not take up the main time and can be run online.that is, you can do this business as a side business, outside of your main job.

There are many varieties of products that can be sold

You are selling not only depending on one product. You can sell a wide variety of products with a variety of different suppliers.You become able to increase customers and revenue and not focus on one product only.

So the starting ladder for those of you who want to build your own business

Well, if you intend to build your own business. Starting a dropshipping business is the right first step.You will learn how to find customers, create sales strategies, and adjust prices to get maximum profit.

How do I start a dropshipping business?

Select a product supplier

Currently, there are lots of product suppliers that you can make as goods producers. Choose a quality supplier, both from the product and service.start by looking for testimonials that you can trust from suppliers.

Develop marketing knowledge

After that, develop your marketing knowledge so you can find as many buyers as possible. Learn about the products you offer will be a plus. This will make potential buyers more trust.

Create your own platform

Use your own platform to market the products you offer.can be social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other forums. Or investing in the form of a website. You need a domain and hosting to get started.

Start Promotion

Once you are ready, start promoting your product. Offer to the people closest to you first to collect buyer's testimonials and trust.create an impressive service for every purchase.

Start your dropshipping business now

Is this business promising? As with other businesses, the determinant of the success of a business is not the type of business, but who is the perpetrator and whether they can find the right target market.so if you are wondering if this business is successful and promising for you, then you should try it for yourself. Let's start your dropshipping business now and use the right marketing strategy for your dropshipping business!

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