Personal Branding : PR Strategy in Relations

cungkring.com: The development of the digital world as it is today provides many benefits for humans.especially in building a personal brand and introducing oneself to a virtually wider audience of people.

Table of contents:
1. Why should you build Personal Branding?
    1.1 Train Leadership
    1.2 Networking Relationships
    1.3 Building Trust
2. What Is Personal Branding Really?
3. How To Build Personal Branding
    3.1 Determining Message and Media
    3.2 Looking for problems that can be solved
    3.3 Describe the problem
4. Find Your Passion and Build Your Personal Branding!

Not only for professionals, personal branding itself can be done by anyone.as long as the person is able to show their existence and show their abilities. Currently, social media is one of the most widely used platforms for self-comparison.for those of you who want to build personal branding? Here's how to build the right personal branding.

Why should you build Personal Branding?

Before building personal branding, of course, you must know the reasons or background for doing this.lest, because you do not know the reason and the purpose, you do not benefit from comparing yourself to your true self. Here are some of the main reasons why you should build personal branding.

Leadership Training

Leadership is an ability that needs to be trained as early as possible. Not many people get leadership skills because not many people practice them.By building personal branding, you will try to foster a leadership spirit in yourself.

Leadership here can mean determining the right decisions when social media, how to respond to other people's content, how to influence many people, answer comments, decide the right content to be published, what kind of person you want to be seen, make a vision and mission, and so on.

Networking Relationships

In this digital world we can meet and communicate with virtually anyone.ranging from communicating with ordinary people, to people who usually appear on the screen. For that, by building relationships you can use it to network many relationships.

Many relationships will be useful for yourself later.starting from finding the right target audience, meeting important people and getting opportunities to collaborate, and getting priority.

Build Trust

Apart from networking relationships, personal branding can also be used to build trust. The more often you publish and present the best image of yourself as a person who wants to be recognized by the public.people will put their trust.

For example, as a designer, you regularly publish your work. And when the audience is interested in the design you make, you will get the opportunity to become the designer they trusted the first time they needed a design.Or, they don't even hesitate to recommend you as the best designer, if their closest person is looking for a designer.

What exactly is personal branding?

Through the benefits described above, what exactly is personal branding? The point of personal branding is to present the best image of oneself in public by being someone who wants to be recognized.building personal branding is the same as building a reputation, with the main aim of conveying a message and making a profit.

Everyone can build their personal branding. Starting from teachers, photographers, doctors, lawyers, artists, and almost all fields of work can be built branding. The easiest thing to start with is to find your own uniqueness.what makes the profession that is done by you has more value than other people who do it.discover that uniqueness, and start building branding yourself!

How to Build Personal Branding

Defining Message and Media

To start branding yourself, the first step that must be done is to determine what message you want to display in front of many people. What kind of person do you want to be. And are you competent in that field.usually this first step is what makes it difficult for many people to compare themselves. Because they don't know their own potential.

If you have determined the message, then then choose the media to be used. Nowadays, thanks to the progress of the times, many platforms are made more specific. For example, a designer can use the pinterest platform, instagram, or a personal blog.or for example the author can use Wattpad; a singer or podcaster using Soundcloud or Spotify; Video editor using Youtube; and various other platforms.

Looking for problems that can be solved

If the first step is skippable, the next is step two. To do branding, there are simple questions that should be answered easily."What problem did you solve?"

Answering these questions, will not be explained in one page. But this is very important as a reference for creating content that you can publish in the future. Especially in terms of fields that you really excel at. Personal branding is exactly the same as building a company that has a vision and mission.so you have a goal, what specific problem you can solve.

Describe the problem

Solving problems is not only enough to get the audience interested in you. You need to show this evidence by making an explanation of the problem you are facing.can by providing ways for you to solve problems or complete a project that is being worked on.

Find Your Passion and Build Your Personal Branding!

Building a brand for yourself is not just a matter of one day or two. It takes a long process. Even the process can last a lifetime.however, to build self-branding requires strategies like what many companies do to branding their companies.

Now, find your passion and decide you want to be known as the kind of person you are to others. Then look for your uniqueness and what makes you more valuable.that way, you are ready with the first steps to build personal branding!

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