7 bed stretching on the bed after waking up

cungkring.com: It feels like you've just closed for a few minutes when an alarm on your phone suddenly rings, marking the day early and you need to pack it to go through the routine again.  The desire to draw blankets and add less time to sleep is sometimes unbearable, but this often makes the body limbed and imvigorous. Fortunately there is a way to make the body more energized in the morning. One of them, you can stretch out on the mattress.

Benefits of waking up stretching

Reported from the Huffington Post, Renee Scott said that stretching or stretching on tense muscles can align the body to move and function more efficiently as well as assist in the formation of muscle structures.

Increased blood circulation by stretching can accelerate the flow of blood to the muscles and brain so that the body becomes more energized. Stretching in the morning is also beneficial to address the problem of pain and stiffness due to wrong sleep position.

Stretching movement over the mattress while waking up
Here are a variety of stretching movements above the mattress that you can do when waking up with the steps.

1. Overhead Stretch

You can start with the stretch overhead to stretch the whole body. The stretching movement is quite easy, you just have to lie on the mattress and follow the steps:

Place the body in a straight position.

Spread your hands until you pass over your head, you can also link both palms.

Feel your body stretched from the fingertips to the toes.

Keep the position while breathing in for three to four times.

2. Hamstring stretch

This movement serves to relax the waist muscles and knee legs. As part of the body that works every day while walking or running, stretching needs to be done to prevent sprains. The steps are:

Lay the body on the mattress.

Bend your right knee, then gently point the leg to the chest.

Hold the back area of the leg near the knee with both your hands, stretch the legs upwards and straighten as much as possible.

Keep the position up to 30 seconds. During that period, you can position the left leg straight or bent. Feel the effect on the lower back and back feet.

Perform the same steps on your left leg, repeating this gesture two to three times.

3. Child’s pose

Commonly done on yoga sports, this movement can also be done while stretching on the mattress. In addition to relieving lower back pain, the Peregangannya effect can also be felt on the chest, shoulders, abdominal muscles, and waist. Here's the step:

Start stretching with the kneeling position on the mattress, spreading your knees a bit.

Conline the body and stretch the hand forward, lower the body slowly with the face position facing the mattress.

Make sure the brow touches the mattress surface, level the muscles on the hand.

Keep the position for a few minutes, while it breaths in and then remove it slowly five times.

4. Single knee to chest stretch

In addition to relaxes the muscles at the lower back, this stretch also serves to relieve stiff muscles caused by arthritis. The steps you need to do are:

Start stretching by turning the body on the mattress, bending both knees of the feet.

Gently lift your right knee towards the chest with both hands.

Keep the position for 30 seconds, feel the Peregangannya effect on the back of your legs and your lower back.

Perform the same steps on your left leg, repeating it two to three times.

5. Knee rolls stretch

The easy stretching movement that can be done while lying on the mattress is a knee rolls. The steps consist of:

Bend both leg's knees, then aim the leg to the right side with the upper body position lying on top of the mattress.

Keep this position for a few minutes while breathing in and slowly removing as many as three to four times.

Repeat the same steps with the left side facing.

6. Cat and cow morning stretch

This yoga movement can also be one of your routine stretching in the morning. Cat and cow stretch can relax the shoulder and muscle muscles found in the SP:

Position your body like a crawl with both palms and both knees feet above the mattress surface.

Straighten the feet, align both knees under the hips and both hands under the shoulders.

Breathe in, then fill your back and stomach downwards (cow position), point your view a little upwards.

Breath gently, tighten the abdomen and curve up on the back (paint position) by subjecting the gaze to the stomach.

You can do this gesture several times while pulling and breathing long.

7. Upper back stretch

This stretch can be done with a sitting position and serves to stretch the shoulder muscles. The steps consist of:

Sit on the edge of the mattress with an upright body.
Hand and blend both your hands forward, aligning with the shoulders.

Hover the view down, moving your back a bit to the back to circle.
Breath and breathe slowly three to four times, feel the Peregangannya on your shoulders.

Although stretching above this mattress tends to be easy and safe, it is a good idea to consult the above on a doctor or therapist first if you have a specific problem with the bones.

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