✓10 Ways to Promote a Free and Effective Website

cungkring.com: Bringing traffic to the website can be done through promotional activities. There are many ways to promote a website. Some need a budget, while some are free.In this article, we will discuss effective website promotion methods so that the site is crowded with lots of visitors.

Why bother promoting a website?

In order to grow and scale larger, websites need a lot of traffic.therefore, promotion must be done intensively.

There are no restrictions that limit the space for website promotion. All website owners are free to promote and share their sites.whether it's a local online business, an ecommerce site, a blog, or a non-profit organization site.

Every method of website promotion boils down to one goal, which is to get as much traffic as possible from the targeted audience.

For example, suppose you have an e-commerce site that sells backpacks or backpacks.So how do people know that this online shop exists and offers various types of backpacks? Of course, you need to do promotions to reach buyers and introduce the brand at the same time.

So, if the online store is successfully expanded through promotions, later the incoming traffic can be converted to increase sales.

How to promote a website so that many visitors are paid and some are free.if you choose the free method, you can use Google Adwords or YouTube ads. But if you want a no-cost method, read this article to the end!

How to Promote a Website

Even though these ten effective website promotion methods don't cost you money, there are still a few things that you should strive for and optimize. Don't just choose one way.combine the methods below to get good and satisfying results.

Here are ten ways to promote a website so that it gets lots of visitors:

1. Create a Blog

A website that has a blog will find it easier to get traffic. Write interesting and informative content so that visitors have reasons to keep coming back to your blog.they also wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to their circle of friends.

When writing content, make sure you include quality information that is also relevant to your targeted audience.also determine the type of content to be published: entertainment, educational, or inspirational stories.

Another advantage of blogging is that it helps your website rank up in search engine search results.Moreover, if the published content contains information and answers needed by the audience, it is certain that the site's position will skyrocket.

To optimize your site's ranking through your blog, apply SEO (Search Engine Optimization) practices and methods.the way, create content that matches the keywords or topics searched by internet users in search engines.

So, to find out the right keywords, do your research first using a tool like the Google search console.

Blogging isn't just about writing in your own "stall", you know. You can also write content on other blogs and drive traffic to your blog.this activity is called guest blogging.

As the name implies, guest blogging means that you 'guest writer' (guest) on other blogs and write content there.

Then, what kind of benefits do you get from guest blogging? The answer is simple! When publishing content on other blogs, you can take this opportunity as a way to promote content and blogs while building backlinks.This method is believed to broaden the reach of the audience.

In guest blogging, you need to be careful. Choose a blog that is frequented by your target audience. If you write on any blog, the results will be in vain.the content that is displayed will not bring the expected traffic.

In essence, write original and quality content that contains information that is relevant to the target audience. Keep this concept in mind when writing posts on your own blog or other people's blogs.

2.Email Marketing

Email marketing is a way to promote a website that is not only effective, but also creates better interaction with the target audience.

Compose an email tailored to the needs of your audience. If a visitor agrees to subscribe because they want to explore a field, make an educational email.or for example they subscribe because there is a promo offer, make an email containing discount info.

Before compiling an email, it's a good idea to collect an email list first. Each email list contains the email address to which the content is sent.

Add a registration form on the website. Later visitors will fill in the fields provided with their email address.after that, create a draft email tailored to the needs of the reader or audience. Send periodically.

Email marketing campaigns can be carried out automatically using the application. Most of the apps have a payment system, but some are free, such as MailChimp and SendInBlue.

3. Search Engine Listing

Promoting a website doesn't always have to spend a lot of money.search engines or search engines can be one of the free media to introduce a website to an audience. The key is to let the website be indexed easily so that traffic will arrive.

If you want search engines to regularly index your website, the published content must always be new or updated.Why? This is inseparable from the way search engines work, which will always display content relevant to audience searches.

How to promote free websites on Google, Yahoo, Bing, or other search engines can be done manually. For example, add a web page to Google using this tool to make it indexable.

4. Giveaway

Do you often see promos that offer various free merchandise? This is what is called a giveaway. This method is intended to attract the attention of the target audience, and at the same time introduce the website and its products and services.

As a way to promote a new website, giveaway is fast enough to attract the audience.for example, you offer a free ebook download on your website. So, people who are interested will access your website and download the ebook. In this case, the website has a great opportunity to be recognized by many people.This is what then becomes the main goal of the giveaway.

When traffic is high, you can start offering some interesting content by taking advantage of the moment or creating slide designs. Remember to always plan everything carefully if you are going to give a giveaway.

5. Facebook

An effective way of website promotion can also be done through Facebook.This social media channel has many features that make promotional and marketing activities easier.

One of them is Facebook Pages. Create a site account profile, then publish content and provide the latest information. Having an account on Facebook Pages will create good interaction between you and your audience.

On Facebook Pages, you can also build a reputation.The number of likes and comments on each post is considered an indicator of how your audience likes / dislikes your site.

Another feature is Facebook groups. Create a group that represents your website or company so that the audience can freely ask questions and discuss information, goods, or even services.if the community is well built and nurtured, the audience will not hesitate to show a sense of satisfaction and loyalty.

In addition to free features, Facebook also has paid features to launch marketing promotions, namely Facebook ads.how it works is almost similar to Google Adwords and based on a pay-per-click system.

6. Twitter

Another way to promote your website so that it gets lots of visitors is to post the latest information on Twitter.

Twitter is a social media that is simple and easy to use. Users don't need to string long words to write tweets.only with short and effective words, the information conveyed is more concise and right on target.

On this blue bird platform, you can share any content (promotional or casual) to grab the audience's attention. The information submitted should reflect what is offered on the website.also include a hashtag (#) in every post.

Twitter cards are a Twitter feature that will enhance marketing posts.With this feature, a tweet can contain three types of attachments, such as a link that directs the user to a website, photo, or video.

7. Instagram

The most popular social media today is Instagram. More than 1 billion active users have created accounts on this channel and have benefited from its promotional features.

The way to promote a website through Instagram is to post beautiful photos, write captions that evoke feelings, and use hashtags related to the niche / topic.

Apart from posting photos on the feed, you can also take advantage of the Instagram story feature.do daily promotions in image or video format. Even though it only lasts 24 hours, this feature is the best method for sharing moments as well as marketing campaigns.

Another feature that you can rely on to promote your website is IGTV (Instagram TV).with this feature, you can create videos that are longer than one minute.

The marketing tools presented by Instagram will make website promotion activities easier. Especially recently, creative visual content has attracted the interest of many people.

8. YouTube

Marketing with video format is one of the most effective ways to attract the attention of the audience.This activity can be done on social media channels that are also very popular lately, namely YouTube.

According to one study, on average, as many as 8 out of 10 internet users watch YouTube in a month.

How to promote a new website on this platform is quite successful.You can do a lot, from integrating YouTube with your social media accounts (for easy content distribution) to discussing the topic of posts published on blogs.

Apart from introducing the website, having a YouTube channel also provides an opportunity to collaborate with other YouTubers.the reach of the audience is even wider.

YouTube presents a YouTube Analytics feature so you can predict and know the effectiveness of the promotions being carried out. Check the total views on each video, subscriber count, and channel impressions.

9. Reddit

How to promote a website so that many visitors are to introduce it on Reddit.reddit itself is a site with many users discussing various topics. However, because the structure and system are slightly different from other platforms, you are expected to understand them first before starting to dive into discussion forums.

For example, you have a website that focuses on book reviews.look for a subreddit in which there are users who like to read books.

Reddit has a diverse subreddit system. Each subreddit contains up to thousands of specific topics. So, you can easily search for the topic you want.

Keep in mind, you can't just promote a website.reddit has rules and moderations in each of its subreddits, and you have to stick to them.

Mingle as naturally as possible with community members on the subreddit. If a good reputation is built, judging by the number of upvotes earned (or called karma on Reddit), you can start introducing the website.do it with a to the point approach and don't hesitate to ask their opinion right away.

If what is being introduced is a brand that already has a name, hold a session on Ask Me Anything. In this session, you invite Reddit users to ask questions.

10. Quora

Quora has a different system from Reddit. The concept is a question and answer.you ask questions or answer other users' questions.

On this question and answer platform, users will post questions related to your website. Great opportunity, right, to build interaction with the audience?

Through the questions asked, you can analyze the problems they face or even find out what they really need.if a Quora user wants to know more about a topic covered, include a link to the website.

Just like Reddit, you can't explicitly promote your website on Quora. People accessing this platform tend to be looking for answers to their questions and not promotions.


Every website needs to be promoted for high traffic and increased conversions.there are many ways to promote a website. Some are paid, some are free.in this article, we have discussed 10 ways to promote a website without spending a penny, namely:

  • Create a Blog - share content and get as much traffic as possible via search engines.
  • Email Marketing - building and building relationships with your target audience.
  • Search Engine Listings - let websites be indexed easily by search engines.
  • Giveaway - an effective website promotion way to get lots of traffic quickly.
  • Facebook - a feature-rich platform to support website promotion activities.
  • Twitter - simple and hassle-free, makes promotional activities easier.
  • Instagram - post beautiful photos with captions and hashtags.
  • YouTube - the best platform for marketing using videos.
  • Reddit - Create relationships with your target audience via a subreddit.
  • Quora - provide the best solutions while promoting your site and cultivating audience trust.

What are you waiting for? Promote your website from now on!

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