How to Reduce the Impact of CoronaVirus on Our Business

cungkring.com: How to Reduce the Impact of CoronaVirus on Our Business. Panic buying or buying needs is a social symptom that occurs where people hoard goods to anticipate emergency situations such as the Corona pandemic.At present, basic food, handsanitizer and masks are among the most sought after items by consumers, causing prices to soar up and scarcity.

Not only does it cause social symptoms that have a negative effect, Corona also impacts many businesses, especially businesses that still do business offline. Many people are afraid to leave the house, and government regulations that advocate for psychological distancing make certain businesses experience a significant decline.

From this as a businessman, of course you can learn to find out, how to reduce the impact of corona on business that is happening right now.The following cungkring.com has summarized it for you

(∆) Switch to Online

The first step that can be done now is to turn a business online.take advantage of technological sophistication such as social media that can help you to introduce business brands, and products / services they have.

Maybe at first you will find it strange because you are not used to it, but over time everything can be learned and can develop better.but keep in mind in your online business you need to know the target market, for example cosmetics with Korean brands, then your consumers can include millennials who like to follow popular trends at that time.

So make sure you know who your target customers are, the strategies used, so that business goals can be achieved properly.

(∆) Extra Security

Even though President Jokowi has issued a permit for a shop that sells groceries and medicines, it does not mean that you may be relieved.because don't let your place of business become a place to spread Covid-19.

For that, make a physical distancing where you can limit the number of people who enter your store. Also make sure that objects that are touched by potential customers / consumers are always kept clean.for you as the seller himself, use gloves to avoid germs that move from objects that have been touched by others.

To complete self-protection use a handsanitizer after touching the surface of certain items, and clean these items regularly with cleaning fluid.

(∆) Providing Disinfectants

As we both know that one way to destroy the Corona virus is to diligently wash your hands and clean your hands, the surface of objects that are often touched using disinfectants.

This also can be practiced when in public! Put the disinfectant in an easily accessible place so that when potential customers visit your store, they can feel calmer because they feel guaranteed cleanliness.

Disinfectant itself is also an alternative solution to substitute effective hand washing when in public places.

(∆) Educating employees to live healthy

It is very dangerous if it turns out that one of your employees has Corona virus, so try to always remind your employees of the importance of maintaining personal hygiene, and living healthier.

Another way that can be taken is to keep away from contact with consumers, for example by not shaking hands, or using PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) such as masks for those who are healthy, especially for those who are sick in order to avoid the risk of unwanted virus transmission.

(∆) Collaborating with consumers

The step that must not be forgotten is also to keep educating your consumers so that they maintain a safe distance while in the store, also using disinfectants before shopping.By carrying out this appeal as a shop owner you have helped the government to suppress the spread of COVID 19 in a practical way.

Well, for businesses that also use social media as a sales platform, or information. You can use your business social media to tell you about a healthy lifestyle, a safe way to go when you have to leave the house.if you need to paste various posters in your store to appeal even more to your consumers.

Well, that's the ways to reduce the impact of Corona on the business they have, and keep in mind don't be discouraged or give up when facing a situation like this. It is not easy but it is uplifting and optimistic that this storm will pass quickly.

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