The role of Information Technology

cungkring.com : The role of Information Technology. What is Technology ?? Information Technology (IT), or in English known as Information technology (IT) is a general term for any technology that helps humans in making, changing, storing, communicating and / or disseminating information.tI brings together high-speed computing and communication for data, voice and video.

The term information technology you may often hear, either when in a school institution or when you surf the internet.the term information technology will not be separated from the term communication technology, because actually the two terms are interconnected with each other even though they are different.

Every day, we are never separated from the role of information technology, a small example is when you use a mobile phone to open social networking.handphone is one example of information technology besides computer, TV, electronic devices in household and so on.of the many types of information technology, there are also many benefits of information technology that we can get.

In general, the benefits of information technology include:

> Facilitate us in obtaining information and communicating.

> Open new business opportunities.

> An increase in the quality and quantity of public services.

> An increase in distance information services in the field of healthcare (telemedicine).

> The creation of e-Learning as a means of improving the education system.

> The creation of jobs.

> Enrich knowledge and knowledge in all fields including cultural aspects.

> Encouraged democratic process in all respects.


The benefits of information technology are so broad that Paseban cannot describe in detail one by one, but in addition to the benefits of information technology in general there are several benefits of information technology that we can feel in several fields such as in education both for students and for education providers, also in government, telecentre for the community and so forth.

That was a brief review of the Role of Information Technology in Daily Life that we need to know, by knowing technology in everyday life we ​​can maximize again the benefits of the function of Information Technology.

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