The beginning of the life starts with a infant

cungkring.com: The beginning of the life starts with a infant. Which is the most situated and stationary time period of the life, full of love, encouragements and cares. The best part of being an infant is that every one loves you tough, feels you are the only reason of their vitality. 

Even a stranger in hurry stops for just only a glimpse and takes you in lap to play with your cheeks.when a baby is born somewhere in a family is just like a sizzling news in acquaintances, neighborhood and for those who also never met with the family. That's the weird thing, but 'yes' it is true. 

The intimation spreads in atmosphere like water in milk and gathering starts to just a glance. Everyone takes you in lap sensitively step by step and gaze on your look.a look of innocence spills in the eyes and smile makes the atmosphere with full of happiness. It seems that peoples get fascinated by you and the breeze flows in the atmosphere. 

In spite of all, there is a person standing beside you waiting for a chance to release out of love on your smile. His heart is pounding can't wait to touch your feet and grab you to hug tightly.this is the best moment for a father from the rest of the life. He's the only man who can withstand bullets and fight the whole world to sustain your smile forever. 

He's an angel sent by God to take care of you, who holds his tears seeing you cry and hugs as if nothing happened. He taughts you every thing from every step of life.at someday you will be old chronic for this world but it doesn't realize you. There is only a man who always stands for you here loves you till his last breath. Of course you know who is he.

Suddenly you grow in the life, opening your eyes shifting curtains beside the window and letting the pale sunlight inside the room.that the sunlight isn't warm rather it's a joyful feeling of morning vibes charges and makes it glossary of the day. 

You starts heading college packing bag filled with books, actually only a register. It feels independence that never felt before like tying shoes and making breakfast by own. I know it's funny but the beginning begins here.everything changes makes new friends and some different gossips, means starting from the chilling life. 

Gaining of some new different experiences occurs changes in the soul of personality. These experiences can either be good or bad and both also depend upon our curiosity. To what extent we are ready to cross. Due to all this, we get engrossed in all these things and loosing sight from our angels.we forget about our real lovers who still stands with us today. And life goes ahead, we get busy in seeking new opportunities and living "our life".

 "Our life" is the main two deep sensation words getting through all young minds. One day you get a job and after that home or we can say that your dream home. You are filling your all dreams getting married and having cute babies.here happiness is all around your feet and your progress is progressing, means you are living your life. 

In your old days they are someone whom you called your angel is still waiting at your old place. The place where you were born learned to walk on your soft bare little teeny feets by holding his fingers.it's a place which is linked to your existence and you started the journey of life, that left you long ago. The beginning point of your soul or a real home.

Even today it's all would be the same except your angel. Who gave his all happiness to you and waiting on a dirty old flashing chair. But now he is old with wrinkles on his face and dim eyes spills lies of your existence.his pale face shows every second of hope that he spent the whole life to just see you, but you didn't came. 

Now, he knows that his time is coming to serve God and pass away with just a hope. His body looks without any sensation like a living dead with outburst of pain and love in his heart. He still has a few breaths left with some hope and thinking about the past.which he had spent with you from your birth till you leave. 

A moment of any past is coming again and again in front of his eyes. That moment when he huged your baby first time in his arms tightly and loved you tough with the tears of happiness. Now, he's crying again but not for the fear of death rather because of loosing a hope of seeing you and passing away to the god without loving you madly.you know when someone is losing himself then he already gets to know that the new place with new people is waiting for his welcome. 

Same situation here and no one is there to stand with his burden. The eyes have closed with despair and loneliness present on his face but the arrival of tears was unstoppable. After sometime gathering of peoples with the sound of murmuring has started echoed around the body.the loneliness of a father became a sizzling news in acquaintances, neighborhood and for those who also never met with him. And he became THE OLD ONE for this world.

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