Complete guide on how to create a blog that makes money for beginners

cungkring.com : How to make a blog that makes money - There are many ways to make a blog that can make money even for a beginner can certainly do it if you really have a great determination to become a reliable blogger.

Being a blogger will be very easy if you have a talent for writing or just a hobby.do not waste your writing talent, because with your writing it will be able to make money.

There are so many applications or websites that you can use to facilitate your ideas in writing. One of them is blogger or blogspot.

Maybe some of the novice writers have heard the word blogspot or blogger.however, most of them have never tried to create an account and write there. For novice writers, it doesn't hurt if you try it.

What is a blogger?

Blogger.com is a service that you can use for free to create a blog. This blogger is very easy to use.so, if you feel frustrated about the internet, you can also still use blogger.

In Indonesia, blogspot is used as a blog address by blogger.com. To make it easier for you to create a blog on blogger.com, here is a guide to making a good and right blog that you can follow the steps.

How to create a blog on blogger

The first step you must have a Google account.if you don't have, immediately create an account first.after that, you can log in or log into https://blogger.com using the Google account that you created earlier.

    Then fill in the name of the profile that will be used on your blog.
    Next, you can click "Continue to Blogger" then click "New blog."
    Create a name and address for the blog that you want to create.
    Then choose a blog theme according to your taste, it's up to choose which.
    The next step please click "Create a blog."
    If you want to see the new blog that you created earlier, just click "View blog."

Easy, right?

In the blog, you will find the menus on the left dashboard.The following is a simple explanation of all the menus in the Blogger dashboard.

Explanation of the menu list in blogger

For those of you who don't know about the menu in blogger, here we will explain what menus are and how they are used to get started.


This menu aims to display all your posts, articles or posts.


Statistics show the number and source of visitors, the number of page views, and so on.


This menu serves to display all comments from your blog visitors.


Static pages are displayed to make such contacts, privacy policies and the like.


This menu is intended to set the blog's location such as installing popular article widgets, ad code, or followers.


You can change themes and arrange templates easily on this menu.


This menu is used to change the blog title, address, and also blog language.

How to make articles on blogger

Next thing you need to know if you are not able to make posts or articles on blogger.we will provide a way to post articles on the blog.The following is the complete guide.

    First login to blogger.
    Then, select the "New entry."
    After that the article editor page will appear.
    You can start writing the title and contents of the article.
    After finishing, you can adjust the color and font of the writing.
    You can also insert photos and videos in the articles that you make.
    You can read and re-edit the article before deciding to publish the article.
    To see how it looks select "preview"
    To publish the article, please select "publish"

If you have clicked on the "publish" button, it means that your writing can be read online and read by everyone

Please invite or promote the name of the blog on your friends.post the name of your blog or you can also share the article link.

Write with good grammar. Tidy up your writing so that visitors feel at home reading the articles you post. Don't forget, choose a theme that isn't too flashy in terms of color and type of writing.

Create the title of the article that invites the curiosity of others to immediately read your writing.thus, your blog will be more crowded.

Hopefully those of you who are still beginner writers immediately switch professions to become professional writers with more frequent writing, you will know how good quality articles are.

How to make a blog can make money

Well this time, we will provide ways to be able to make money from blogs.of course you can earn money from a blog.

Here is a way for blogs to make money easily and quickly.


The trick is to place ads on the blog.There are two ways you can choose to make money from ads on blogs.

First, you can register a blog that you created on an advertising network

Second, Direct Advertising.this method is to offer advertisers directly to place ads on your blog.

Advertising Networks that are quite well-known and many are using Google Adsense.all you have to do is register the blog and then you will be given an ad code that you will install on the blog.

The payment system is to count the number of people who click on ads installed on your blog.the cool term is PPC or Pay Per Click.

Meanwhile, Direct Advertising gives you higher price variations because it is not through a third party.

However, you will experience a little difficulty in offering your blog to display ads from prospective advertisers.they will likely see the quality of your blog and visitors first before entrusting their ads installed on the blog.

Now if you have difficulty registering to google adsense, you can use the best alternative adsense for now.

  Paid Review

With paid reviews, you will get income from reviewing other people's services or products.In other words, you write to evaluate a product or service by including covert selling or selling or soft selling, then you post the article on the blog.

You can search for services or products related to your blog, with that you will be paid and you will get income from the blog.

  Brand Ambassador

Currently, many product owners are beginning to look to bloggers to become their product brand ambassadors.bloggers who are impressed by ordinary people are more trusted by potential buyers when reviewing a product than an artist. Many readers also look for reviews of a product from the internet and usually the bloggers who often review the product.

  Own Services and Products

If you have products that can be produced at home, you can market them through your blog.give a review using soft selling. Include the advantages and testimonials of your products to further convince your prospective buyers. This is far more effective at attracting new customers to your products.

Besides products, you can also offer your services on blogs.if you graduate with an English language education, you can offer private offline or online to your blog readers. This of course will increase your income through blogs.

  Open Article Writing Services

If you have a talent for writing, of course you can try to open an article writing service.with this you will get money by marketing it on your blog.

Article writing services are usually sought after if the blog owner doesn't have the chance to write articles, so with that you can offer services to write articles and sell them.

The price of an article is usually determined by the quality and number of words, the longer the article the more expensive the price of the service.

  Open Content Placement Services

To do this, of course you must have a blog with a pretty good quality, this content placement usually requires a high domain authority and a qualified blog quality.

Not only that, of course your blog must also have a high enough traffic so that many interested people and who want to become customers of content placement get optimal results.

How to make a lot of blog visitors

After discussing how to create a blog that makes money, now this way to have a lot of blog visitors is very important, whatever you do if there are no blog visitors it is very useless.so before starting to make money from blogs of course you have to focus first to increase your blog visitors.

Create quality articles

Make sure you make articles that are useful and quality, of course you should already understand what you are going to write.with it you will be easier to give information to your blog readers.

Make articles for people not for spirits or robots. Because with your content that is cluttered will certainly make the readers confused and can even create a mental disorder.

Update articles regularly

Write useful things. Try to cover one topic.if you like culinary, you should make articles related to culinary. With that your blog will look more professional.

 Of course with these keywords will be easier to get visitors through organic engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.keywords are usually used by people to search for information on the internet.

Make sure you put keywords in the title and content so that search engines more easily detect your blog.also plant keywords in the search description, url the article so that keywords can be targeted.


Add picture

Adding supporting images will be better especially if your content discusses the tutorial and so on.of course the image is a supporting factor to understand information, for that picture is needed in a content.

You also have to plant keywords in the image so that the keywords you use are more effective and targeted, you can also plant keywords in the image description.

Share articles to social media

Of course this is the easiest way to do promotion through social media.now social media like facebook, twitter, instagram, etc. there are so many users, so you can use that to increase your visitors to your blog.

But there is something to remember, be careful and do not carelessly share links on social media, because if too often and many do share links on social media like Facebook, spam will be detected and your account will be locked.

Do a guest post or guest blogger

With a guest post, it's the same as promoting your blog through other people's blogs.Not only that, by doing a guest post you can get a backlink and it's very useful for SEO blogs.

Many blogs or sites that open guest posts or guest writers to help novice bloggers to improve their blogs.

To do a guest post you only need to create an article and insert a few links depending on the conditions that have been specified, then your article will be reviewed.if your article meets the requirements then the next will be published and you will get a backlink from the blog.

Submit blogs to search engines

This is a very important step, because with this your blog will be able to appear and compete in search engines.with that, it will be faster to get organaik visitors.

Lots of search engines like google, yahoo, bing and others, immediately submit a blog to search engines so that blogs appear faster and start getting visitors organically from search engines.

Do blogwalking

This method is very easy, even many bloggers who want to raise his blog so that it is known to many people by blogwalking or by commenting on other people's blogs.

The thing you need to know before doing blogwalking is to make sure the blog is in accordance with the topic of your discussion.and comment relevantly so that your comments are approved.

Now many bloggers whose comments require prior approval before being displayed, because many are sending spam comments and it will be very annoying.

Use responsive and fast loading templates

Imagine if you are looking for something but the blog is very slow? Yes, of course you will move and look for other blogs.therefore, if you want your visitors to feel at home, then use a lightweight template.

Many free and premium (paid) template providers that you can use. My advice, it's better to use Temolate premium version to get better results.

Like the template from sugeng mas that is VIOMAGZ, or can use the IGNIPLEX template from igniel.there are many more cool templates to choose from. There are also many famous template providers such as Arlina Design, Magic Company, Idblanter, and many more.


Above is a guide to starting a blog, from how to create a blog to a blog that makes money for beginners.from all that information of course you also have to read about how to get lots of blog visitors from google and bing.

Because with so many visitors you will find it easier to do something that might yield results.stay focused on your goals and don't be bored writing articles consistently so that blogs can compete on the first page of search engines.

Enough to get here complete guidance this time, hopefully what you hope can happen, that's all and hopefully useful.

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