Pain Hips interrupt activity? Overcome with 4 stretching it

cungkring.com: For those who feel pain in the hip may try to start moving the body so that the pain is gone. However, the movements are not indiscriminately, there are several types of stretching that can be done to overcome hip pain. What are you?

Types of stretching that help overcome hip pain

As reported from the Arthritis Foundation's page, sports like stretching, is one of the most potent methods to relieve pain in the hips.

This is because exercise helps the body maintain the movement and strength of muscles that support your hips. In addition, stretching can also help the muscles and tendons that surround your joint bones avoid disturbance to the hips and reduce the risk of injury.

1. Stretching chair stand can overcome hip pain

One stretch that helps overcome the pain on your hips is the chair stand. This type of stretching includes effective to relieve the pain of strengthening your abdominal muscles and thighs. 

However, if you have a health problem in your back, consult your doctor before doing this exercise routine. 

How to do this:

Start by sitting on a sturdy, front-facing chair

Straighten the legs, bend the knees, and make sure your feet are flat on the floor and as wide as the shoulder
Then, lean on your chest

Keep your back and shoulders straight while exercising. 

Breathe slowly
Lift your body until it sits upright
Lay your arms forward to align with the floor while standing
Inhale while sitting back and repeat 10-15 times. 

2. Lifting the knee

In addition to the Chair stand, you can also lift the knee as a stretch to overcome hip pain.

Sometimes, a sick knee is one symptom of a problem on your hips. No need to worry because these symptoms are quite common. However, you can work around this problem by doing a lifting movement of the knee. 

How to do this:

Start by lying face up on the floor or yoga mat

Stretch your legs and move your left knee towards the chest

Use both hands to pull the knee closer to the chest

Hold this position for 10 seconds and return to the starting position
Reset the movement using the other foot
Perform this gesture 10 times on each leg

3. Spider-Man stretching

The term Spider-man on stretching to overcome this hip pain is worn because of its movements very similar to how Spider-man crawls on the wall. 

Usually, stretching this one enough helps to heat the body before starting exercising. 

How to do this:

Start with a push-up position
Then, lift your left leg knee like it will step up to the left hand

Stretch your hips forward and hold this position for two seconds

Go back to the starting position and repeat this gesture 5 times on each leg. 

4. Bridge pose

In addition to being included in the yoga movement used to improve posture, stretching bridge poses can also overcome pain in the hips. 

This is because bridge poses help straighten and strengthen the punggug bones. 

How to do this:

Start with the lying on your back and the knee bend

Straighten your hands next to the body and keep the feet flat on the floor

Gently inhale while lifting the hips until the position of the body tilts
Make sure the elbow remains straight, neither bent nor lifted from the floor

Hold this position for 3-4 times the long breath and lower your hips back
Repeat this gesture for 2-5 times

The four stretches above are believed to help overcome hip pain by loosening tight hip muscles. 

However, if your hips are still painful, consult the doctor for proper treatment.

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