Could a contact lens (Softlens) move to the back of the eyeball?

cungkring.com: The use of a softlens has certain rules or means of use that each user must adhere to. For example, you are not advised to sleep using contact lenses, and must adhere to contact lens time. Because it is feared, the softlens will move the position and go to the back of the eye. Can it or not, anyway?

Can the softlens go to the back of the eye?

Normally, the softlens or contact lenses are used right at the front of the eyeball. It's just that, you've probably experienced or just heard that contact lenses can also move around and walk about the eyeball.

This then raises the question about the possibility of a moving softlens and enters the back of the eyeball. Especially if you have occasional loss of softlens, and it is anxious that he is moving behind the eyes.

The good news, according to Gary Heiting, OD, is an ophthalmologist, that the softlens that moves into the back of the eye is actually unlikely. Sometimes, the softlens can be detached from the eyeball protected by the cornea (eye protection) layer.

The softlens may be twitching on the lower eyelid. However, the movement of the softlens is usually just around the eyelid and will not run too far away, let alone get into the back of the eyeball.

This is due to the inner surface of the eyelid, which is a thin, clear, and damp layer called the conjunctiva. The conjunctiva can help small sized pouches, which lie between the eyelids and the eyes filled with tears.

While on the back of the eyelid, the conjunctiva forms the folds backward. In other words, the conjunctiva could be the outer covering layer for the white part of the eyeball, citing from The University of Illinois College of Medicine.

When the Softlens or contact lens you are using appears to be missing, it is generally only able to reach the edges or ends of the conjunctival sac, not until it goes behind the eyeball.

A thorough conjunctiva protection from the eyelid to the eyeball makes it impossible for any object, including the Softlens, to get into the back of the eye. What's more until it gets stuck and hard to get out from there.

How do I remove the Softlens "disappeared"?

When using a softlens but it seems suddenly you do not find such contact lenses on the eyeballs, you may suspect the softlens move and go behind the eyes.

In fact, the habit of brushing eyes or eyes accidentally bump into contact lenses can make them shift.

That may trigger the softlens to be folded in half, and then detached from the cornea of the eye. The folded softlens may be stuck on the upper or lower eyelid, so it appears as if it disappears.

To make it easier, try to feel like there are foreign objects stuck on the eyelid or the surrounding area? If this happens, you can restore the softlens that is "disappearing", or it should be that it goes behind the eyeball, with a drop of eye drops for the softlens.

Then massage slowly the upper or lower eyelids, a place where the softlens feels stuck. Do this while you close your eyes. Usually, the softlens will move to the position of the eye where you can see it again.

Immediately remove the softlens, and should avoid the use of softlens for a while. When removed from the eyes of the two folded softlens conditions, try soaking in the water softlens for some time.

After that, you can unfold the softlens slowly to restore it to its original shape. Do not forget, try to be more careful when using softlens so that the occurrence of "loss" of contact lenses when used this is not repeated.

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