Biophysical profile during pregnancy, tests to assess fetal health conditions

cungkring.com: During pregnancy, the doctor will usually advise you to check the health condition of the fetus in the womb. If generally you are more often heard of ULTRASOUND examination (ultrasonography), there is still another screening option for the fetus called biophysical Profile test.

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What is a fetus's biophysical profile examination?

Biophysical Profile a.k.a. biophysical profiles are fetal health screening in the content that combines ULTRASOUND tests and non-stress test or nonstress test (NST). Biophysical profile examination is not performed in the early period of pregnancy, but usually recommended by the doctor at the end of pregnancy or the third trimester.

Only, the examination of the new fetus's biophysical profile will be conducted depending on several conditions. For example, after a certain test, it requires a further examination of this biophysical profile.

In addition, having a certain pregnancy symptoms and pregnancy that you are living is now a high risk for you and the fetus, can also be the cause of a biophysical profile test. Essentially, this one pregnancy test is useful for knowing and viewing fetal conditions in the third trimester of pregnancy or childbirth.

For more details, here are some reasons why doctors recommend that you perform a biophysical profile examination of the fetus:

The gestational age is over 40 weeks.
The baby is pregnant two or more twins.
Never had a miscarriage in the previous pregnancy.

Never experienced complications of the otic fluid (polyhidramnion or oligohidramnion) in previous pregnancies.

Experiencing gestational diabetes while pregnant.
Experiencing preeclampsia or other hypertensive abnormalities while pregnant.

The fetus is subjected to inhibited fetal growth or intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR).
Other pregnancy complications need to be further checked.

How does the fetus's biophysical profile check process?

There are two kinds of tests involved in the examination of the fetus's biophysical profile, i.e. ULTRASOUND test and non-stress. A non-stress test is done by pairing the device (sensor) like a belt, which is then tied to your stomach.

The goal is to measure the fetus's heart rate and assess its contract. All movements, heartbeat, and heart rate activities against the fetal movement are typically measured for 20-30 minutes.

While the ULTRASOUND test performed here, is actually the same as ULTRASOUND during the pregnancy. Includes the use of a gel that is applied to all parts of the abdomen and a transducer that is moved over the gel. Then the Ultrasound tool will display a real picture of the fetal condition in your womb.

In the process, there are 5 points assessed during Biophysical profile examination. Ranging from breathing rate, body movement, muscle tone, heart rate, and the otic fluid.

Each of the points assessed in the examination of the fetus's biophysical profile has the criteria when the fetal condition is said to be normal and abnormal. Further, the results of the test can help the doctor to determine what the baby should be born as soon as possible, or still wait for his birth time.

Accelerated birth time can be done by induction of childbirth and caesarean section. In short, this examination helps the doctor to determine the action that needs to be done after that according to your condition and fetus.

Are there risks of fetal biophysical profile tests?

The biophysical profile examination of the fetus's biological profile is essentially not at risk of causing certain side effects, both for the mother and the Janicry. That is why, this one pregnancy check is classified as an easy, safe, and painless procedure to do.

However, be sure to consult a doctor first if you have certain health problems before conducting this test. Other risks may arise depending on the health condition of your body.

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