4 types of drugs in pharmacies to help you quit smoking

In addition to the determination and strong intention of the self, sometimes you need the help of a doctor to be free from cigarettes. Well, along with therapeutic physicians will usually recommend one or a combination of certain medications to help you quit smoking. However, is there a cure for quitting smoking that can be easily purchased at pharmacies?

Choice of medication to quit smoking
In general, there are several types of medications that can be purchased at pharmacies to help you quit smoking. However, these drugs can not be bought and consumed carelessly because it requires a prescription and a doctor's recommendation.

1. Varenicline (Chantix®)

Varenicline (Chantix®) is a prescription drug that can disrupt nicotine receptors in the brain. This drug works with two effects, namely:

Reduce the perceived enjoyment of smoking.

Reduces the "Sakaw" effect that appears when nicotine consumption is reduced.

Varenicline will generally be administered for approximately 12 weeks. However, this timeframe can be extended as needed.

Usually the doctor will ask you to take this medication about a month to a week before deciding to quit. The drug is usually drunk after eating with a glass of water.

On the first eight days, you will be given a fairly high dosage. If the body does not respond to the drug properly, the doctor will reduce the dose to a body acceptable limit.

Don't forget to let your doctor know about your health condition, your allergic history, and the medications you're consuming when you plan to take this medication. Included if you are pregnant.

Side effects
As with most medicines, varienicline causes various side effects, such as:

Changes in taste of food
Skin rash
Problems with the heart and blood vessels
Mood swings or behaviors such as depression, hallucinations, delusions, anxiety, and panic attacks

2. bupropion
Bupropion is an antidepressant that can help reduce the cravings and symptoms when nicotine is reduced. This drug works by affecting the chemicals in the brain associated with nicotine addiction. At the dispensary, the drug to quit smoking is dujual with the brand Zyban®, Wellbutrin®, or Aplenzin®.

Bupropion is recommended to consume 1 to 2 weeks before quitting smoking. The administered dosage is generally 150 mg one to two tablets per day.

The drug is usually recommended to be drunk for 7 to 12 weeks. However, it does not close the possibility that this one drug is requested to continue to be consumed some time after quitting smoking. The goal is to revisit your smoking afterwards.

Unfortunately, these drugs should not be consumed if you are or have experienced:

Can not escape from drinking alcohol in high doses
Serious head injuries
Bipolar disorder
Anorexia or bulimia
Moderate sedative or antidepressant type monoamine oxidase (MAOI)

Therefore, always consult a doctor before taking the drug bupropion to quit smoking.

Bupropion Side Effects
Bupropion includes medications that can cause a variety of side effects, such as:

Dry mouth
Nasal congestion
Sleeplessness and frequent nightmares
Sick of Kepela
High blood pressure
Feeling depressed, anxious, anxious or overly excited

Bupropion is a drug for quitting smoking that could cause interactions with other drugs or supplements. Therefore, always tell your doctor about prescription medications, vitamins, herbs, supplements, and other medications consumed.

Do not buy this one medication at any time at the pharmacy with the intention to quit smoking without consultation with the doctor.

3. Nortriptyline
These drugs include antidepressant groups that can help reduce the symptoms of tobacco reduction.

Reported from the American Cancer Society page, Nortiptyline proved to increase the chances of someone's success to quit smoking. The evidence is gained when compared to those who do not drink nortriptyline.

The drug is usually drunk 10 to 28 days before someone quit smoking. It aims to keep the level of drug in the body stable.

Nortriptyline Side Effects
Nortriptyline also has a variety of side effects that may arise, such as:

Fast Heartbeat
Blurred vision
Difficulty urination
Dry mouth
Increase or decrease in body weight
Low blood pressure so often dizziness when standing

In addition, these drugs can also affect a person's ability to drive. Therefore, it is good to rest after taking nortriptyline as a cure for quitting smoking.

Before buying a stop smoking drug in this one-based pharmacy doctor's prescription, make sure that the doctor knows the history of the drug being consumed.

Also, ask clearly about the nortriptyline dosage that should be used. The reason is, the dose of this drug should be lowered slowly and can not stop just suddenly.

4. Clonidine
Clonidine is actually a drug used to lower high blood pressure. However, this drug is also available at pharmacies as an alternative to quitting smoking. Nevertheless, this medication still requires a doctor's prescription.

Usually the drug is taken twice a day or used as a patch (Koyo) that is changed once a week. Clonidine can start drinking about 3 days before quitting smoking. However, this medication can also be drunk the day you stop.

However, just like Nortriptyline, clonidine can not be dismissed just without being lowered first dose. The goal of decreasing the dose is to prevent rapid blood pressure increase, daze, tremor, or feeling jittery.

Side effects
When you do, clonidine has various side effects such as:

Dry mouth
Unusual fatigue or weakness

To avoid unwanted effects, your doctor will monitor your blood pressure when using this drug to quit smoking.

To quit smoking, prescription drugs or those purchased at pharmacies alone are not quite effective. It's good to combine different ways in which you can feel the effect.

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