5 Women who changed the world with their brains, not their size bra

cungkring.com: From Rubenesque thin rail, the definition of "sexy" through the ages has been linked to a woman's body ... healthy or not (actually Victorian corsets deformed skeletons of women, for example).

Fortunately, we live in a time when being a dynamic woman, healthy is more than just adjusting to research or mounting a mold. It is about the whole entire person - body, mind and spirit. 

Amen - it's time for smart women got their moment so overdue that the company "It girls" and were celebrated for their activism and entrepreneurship, as well as their appearance.

The term "smart is the new sexy" was popularized in recent years - and cheers to that. But really, smart has always been sexy. These eight brilliant ladies of the past and present have helped to change the world with their brains, not their size bra. 

Geniuses whose work changed the history of A-list stars whose talent goes beyond their celebrity status, these women were oh-so-cool (and sexy) to let your nerd flag fly.

1. Mary Shelley

The daughter of OG feminist Mary Wollstonecraft, Mary Shelley was really a "muse" of his day (Kim K., eat your heart out). She was married to the poet Percy Bysshe Shelley and dragged with poet / pal Lord Byron - two of the most famous bad boys of history. Their antics made them infamous throughout Europe.

But while they were writing poetry and practicing free love, Mary Shelley alone invented the horror genre with "Frankenstein", one of the most influential novels of all time. So the next time you stay at home and work when everyone is crazy, think of Mary Shelley. Remember that you are not a disappointment - you be brilliant.

2. Hedy Lamarr

the actress of Austrian origin Hedy beauty with breathtaking Lamarr made her a Hollywood star. But she was so annoyed by the passive roles offered to her that she became a self-taught inventor just for fun.

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A buddy time Howard Hughes Lamarr called a "genius" for his work on aerodynamics. During World War II, she took it upon herself to invent a frequency hopping technology that later formed the basis for a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Lamarr breakthroughs scientists are only beginning to be appreciated as much as his screen presence. It is about time the most beautiful women in the world is also remembered as one of the brightest.

3. Katherine Johnson

Anyone doubting this hand smart and sexy go hand look no further than "The hidden numbers" in which Taraji P. Henson plays physicist and mathematician Katherine Johnson.

Few have contributed more to the space race of NASA Johnson. This was made even more impressive by the fact that she had to fight his way through multiple levels of prejudice as a black woman.

These days, the society worships at the altar of tech geniuses, but the next time you hear one of them speak of a "coup moon," remember the woman who helped us get the first time.

4. Emma Watson

For 20 years as Hermione Granger corrected our pronunciation of "wingardium leviosa," forever change the world for nerds women and no more than the girl who played her, Emma Watson.

Together, Emma and Hermione (as they will always inseparable) could be the best example of what a profound effect positive representation of women can have on the development of girls. 

Hermione opened the door for girls with pride nerd everywhere. And although Watson moved on to other roles (including Belle nerd icon "Beauty and the Beast"), it remains bookish much of its appeal.

After attending Oxford University and Brown University with a BA in English literature from the latter, it still spreads his love of power of literature and a daughter. Watson was recently seen Margaret Atwood planting copies "History of the Servant" Paris.

5. Charlotte Bronte

Can you imagine how the famous Bronte sisters would be if they were alive today? (Shoot, Olsen twins!) Their faces brood of every magazine cover in the world, with the title "Daughter Spirits Remake literary landscape. "Unfortunately, Bronte worked in darkness in their lives, with Charlotte adopting the pseudonym Currer Bell male for his published work.

Despite these limitations, Charlotte Jane Eyre has created a sustainability defined by his intelligence, kindness and independence. Jane Erye has inspired generations of writers to dream female protagonists who could do more than just marry the right man. (I mean, she finally marry the right man, but it does work for it.)

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